Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Transmog Illidari Shadow Light (Mog Madness 4)

Round 5 of the Mog Madness has an interesting challenge.  Use the Illidari Trophy Tabard to make an outfit.  You cant use a robe/skirt since you have to see the whole thing and green an purple varieties are accepted.

Now I had worked with that tabard in the past so I decided to add a bit of polish to an old love of mine, the Shadow Light Transmog set I made, thus I bring to you;

Illidari Shadow Light!

With gear gathered from the same expansion as the Tabard the feel is very much evocative of the Burning Crusade, so I couldn't help but have Archimode made a cameo in the background here.

The Caverns of time with its purples won out against Netherstorm as a background because it isn't so unrelentingly purple.

The Tabard of course is the Purple Trophy Tabard of the Illidari avalible from a SMV quest chain.

The weapon is a unique color swap called Earthwarden, available from exalted reputation with the Cenarion Expedition, a fairly rare look because of that.

But the set isn't limited to any one race or class. It may look very paladin like but anyone capable of wearing plate and smashing things with a very large hammer can wear it.

I added a Rich Purple shirt for this look since the males cover up a bit more than the ladies.
*Rolls Eyes*

But really it can fit on any race in the game thee days.
Unholy Death Knight, Warrior who stole the Twilight Hammer's Armor, the possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

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  1. I love your use of the shoulders/weapon. The three main colours (purple, green and grey) work really well together.

    Although I might be biased since that purple recolour of paladin tier 2 is my go to set for plate wearers :)