Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Transmog, Shadow Light

This will end up being a larger post because I have quite the passion for this character, her story, and how really fine I think her outfit goes together.

To the right we see the basic outfit.  I had already collected and used the recolored Judgement set but I knew with Transmog it would be a somewhat low hanging fruit 'everyone' would go for.  So with a bit of work I found different chest and legs and that added just the right difference to the outfit.  Often you can put different armor types on the outside of the body (hands, shoulders, feet) crossed by a belt and bring two different armor designs together.

The Shoulders are Justice Bearer's Pauldrons the second / last boss in Helfire Ramparts (heroic).
The belt is the Girdle of Many Blessings from the second boss in Slave Pens (heroic).
The gloves, Life Bearer's Gauntlets, come from the third (more or less optional) boss in Hellfire Ramparts (heroic).
The Boots of the Watchful Heart come from the second boss in (heroic) Caverns of Time: Old Hillsbrad Foothills.

Now the chest and legs are from the Revenant set of late 40's plate armor BoE.  But the model was reused in Nagrand quests (Chest and legs) avalible to both factions.

Oh if your curious how it might look on another race here is a picture of me in Night Elf drag healing the Well of Eternity.

Now the shield!

I agonized quite a bit over before picking the Shield of Impenetrable Darkness.  Fair warning it only comes the option boss Nightbane in Karazhan, unlockable with a 15+ step quest chain.  For me it was totally worth it.  The shield graphic is unique in the game and really stands out.

So we have stylish armor and a kickass shield now we need something to beat people over the head with right?
The Blackout Truncheon has a faint black glow about it and its dark purple and steel look nicely compliments the outfit.  It comes from the third boss in the Shadow Labyrinth (normal and heroic) who also in those modes drops the recolored judgment breastplate if your looking for it.  I use that for my tanking mace.

Next is the Shockwave Truncheon dropped by the final boss in Shadow Labs (heroic).  This is my healing mace graphic and what a graphic with its radiating waves of light.  The metal and subtle colors otherwise blending in nicely.

Next is my tanking sword the Greatsword of Horrid Dreams or it would of been my tanking sword if Blizzard hadnt given us a tanking mace.  And decided mainhand only weapons cant be used for one handed weapons.  No reason given other than lazyness for that. *sighs*

Next comes Despair off one of the possable bosses in Karazhan (Julianne).  More impractical that I usually like my blades to look but with the outfit its just awesome.

For polearms we have Thunderstrike (nicknamed Vendorstrike for how often it was sold) drops off the eighth boss in Molten Core under the name Shadowstrike.  The weapon can change back and forth between its two looks.  Note the 'reclaimed' version in the updated Onyxia's lair looks nothing like this one.

So that's one of everything but I want to toss in one more item for fun.
Sul'thraze the Lasher is a level 44 epic sword combined by putting the two swords in Zul'Farrak together.  So if your willing to farm the first and last bosses you can get this beauty.  The two green skulls orbiting the end come with the sword giving it a visual like the unholy enchant.

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  1. This article is pure amazing. Thank you so much for posting this, you're very creative! I love the purple color and I've always eyed the purple judgement set idea, but never did enjoy the robe/dress part. I'll surely use this to make a lovely transmog, thank you so much! xoxo