Wednesday, January 4, 2012

So raid finder...

I've given it a whirl and got to the end.

Deathwing:  I am the Cataclysm!
Dragonclaw:  *Vanish*  Good luck guys!

It was interesting.  For the most part the fights were silly easy.  The main problem was getting people to listen to what mechanics did exist.  Loot is horribly bad and its because of complaints that Blizzard knew about before it went live.

My first boss dropped three of the same armor token all of them went to one guy who promptly quit the raid.  I've picked up a few items but no tier bits like Id hoped because of BS like someone with 10 man normal shoulders needing the 10 man LFR (weaker) shoulders.

I think I'm close to done worrying about it on my rogue.  You cant get the starting item for the rogue epic quest in there anyway.

Its a decent idea but its unpolished like just about everything Activision-Blizzard has done lately in Warcraft.  Too few staff and deadlines set in stone would explain it but I think there is a bit of lazyness in there too relying on the rose colored glasses to cover it up.  But that kind of thinking is a part of why Cataclysm failed.

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