Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Movie Review! Tintin

I've been pretty bummed and not doing a lot in Warcraft after aiding fell apart so here is a review of the movie Tintin.  Because I can :D

Tintin came out in 2011 in theory directed by Steven Spielberg.  The reason I say in theory is that the movie in fact holds so true to the original comic that it was already written for him.

I lost track of the times I was squealing in glee at some aspect of the movie being 'just like the comic' or some character was close enough to look like it but not entirely styalized away from the original so much I had trouble recognizing him (LIke Bumble Bee in the Transformers).

So what your left with is a comic with some violence (no obvious injuries) and no real swearing and really amazing action packed stories.  Its a great watch for just about any age and if your a fan of the original comics will make your heart sing.  Or you can go into the murderous ramgage inspired by the Star Trek bastardization.
Seriously, replacing Kirk "THE MAN" with that...brat?  Ugh.

Have fun!

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  1. I'd stayed away from the cinema's at the time Tintin was playing, but ended up watching it on Sunday evening after it came recommended by my dad (again). I was very disappointed. I thought they'd done a good job with most of the voice-acting though, the animation however was too far off of the original one - as someone that grew up with the comics and later the animated series (drawn in the exact same style) and getting accustomed to hearing those voices with those characters, it was too hard to dissasociate so I never made it to the end of the movie, sadly.