Monday, September 5, 2011

Lore: What is the Quel'dorei crest

Over on MMO-Champion there is an interesting thread on what the High Elf banner really is.

In order to add my two cents with pictures I have to put them up here since MMO has some really strange forum requirements.  So enjoy my take on the Quel'dorei look.

In TBC were treated to a stronghold made by High Elves and humans.  Two buildings look strictly High Elven in design but even the human buildings follow the white and blue color tone.

In Wrath we are introduced to The Silver Covenant "A millitant core of High Elves that reject the admission of blood elves in tot he kirin tor"  If anyone would reject adopting a blood elven pattern of looks Id think it would be them.  The banner they fly I'm sure is the one for the High Elves.  Also their furniture and colors are very different in style.

Sadly the Quel'danil Lodge looks more Night Elven.

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