Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Holiday: Harvest Festival

Time again for another holiday!  This one is pretty brief but has a cool toy if your leveling!

So head out to Ironforge if your one of the Blue Team

Now if your of the right level to be running in the Eastern Plague Lands its going to be  an easy flight up to Chillwind Camp and then east through the graveyard to visit Uther's Tomb.  Just try to not burst into flames if your one of those Fel types. 

If your Red team head to Orgrimar and chat with the friendly fireworks vendor.

Now they have a bit of an easier time of it.  Fly to Splintertree Post and head south to Demon Fall Canyon.  If your too low of level just head west out of Orgrimar and follow the river north.

So you honor Hellscream by...putting a Tauren totem there at the monument.  Alrighty then.  Nothin' symbolic here.

Wait the monument is at his death spot but the Glaive the demon weilded is still floating in mid air. 

Wouldn't that be a better spot?

So, why bother?
Well you get 500 rep with your faction cities.  That's nothing to sneeze at, and 16 gold 54 silver at 85, and a neat book you can read ( Alliance / Horde ), and in a couple of days in the mail you get a nifty item you can use to make free food - Bounty of the Harvest.

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