Friday, July 1, 2011

No wedding OMG! (WTF?)

Over on Battlenet forums they were babbling about 'Thrall's Wedding' and Bashiok (One of the Bliz posters) upset some people by a comment.

Posted by Vynny
Actually...I'm pretty sure what you saw counted as the 'wedding'. Things work differently in orc society.

Correct. Their pledging of their lives to one another was essentially their 'wedding', although I'm sure Orcs don't use such nomenclature to refer to these things. Maybe 'life bond' fits better.

So...why is this news?  Well for one we have trouble with cultures not fitting our relligion's views on whats 'normal'.  Thats the only reason I can imagine for Knaak's changing Night Elf culture around not causing more of a fuss with Mal and Ty.
Frilly wedding dress?  I don't think so!
But its also information not relayed well in game.  Its clearly spelled out in Rise of the Horde though..a novel.  As I mentioned in my Shattered Lore post there are simply too many media outlets right now for info and the older ones are hard to find.

If you don't mind reading and want to know more about the Orcs and Horde I'd suggest reading Christie Golden's books.  Rise of the Horde, Beyond the Dark Portal, and Lord of the Clans in that order for the timeline's feel.

Over at Kamalia et alia Kam has a cool little comic of what an she thinks an orc pairing would be like.  

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