Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Raid Browser's Fatal Flaw

One of the often overlooked featured of Warcraft since it was introduced is the 'Looking For Raid' browser to help with setting up PuG raids/filling in slots, etc.

When it came out in Wrath many raiders (Myself included) were excited to give it a try.  But we ran flat into a wall.

You cant be in the looking for raid browser when using the Looking for Group tool or the Looking for PvP tool.  You had to sit and hope someone was looking for a group member.  It was complained to Blizzard who said 'gosh that's just so hard to code'.  So it was forgotten.  Skip forward to now and Blizzard added a button for it in the UI and said they improved it.

In fact they haven't improved a thing.  I really wish they would of just not bothered with this until they have the time to do it right instead of wasting time on a halfassed effort.

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