Monday, June 27, 2011

The United States Supreme Court voted 7 to 2 to overturn a California law restricting the sale of computer and video games--declaring those games to be protected speech like any other form of creative expression.  Justice Scalia wrote:

Video games qualify for First Amendment protection. Like protected books, plays, and movies, they communicate ideas through familiar literary devices and features distinctive to the medium. And "the basic principles of freedom of speech . . . do not vary" with a new and different communication medium.

 I don't have much faith in the legal system.  The fact they so overwhelmingly stood up for the rights of Video Games as Art* was heartwarming.

* = If you dont think Video Games are Art then go watch Extra Credits.  If after watching their arguments you still think its not a valid medium of Art and running around in costume is then theres nothing I can say that will sway you Martians.

I'll need to dig more into the statements of each of the Justices to find out more about it.  But its a small candle of hope in a pretty bleak set of decisions they have made.

If you havent already Id encourage you to go visit the Video Game Voters site.  Its a great place to keep us organized against such...well the best polite way I can think to say it is STUPID laws.  Ill close this with a pledge they had on their site.

The Gamer's Pledge:
Victory for Free Speech!

I am a computer and video game player, or game developer.

As an American citizen first, I wholeheartedly support the Supreme Court ruling to protect games as free speech, like any other form of creative expression.

I will defend these rights against attempts to subvert or manipulate the spirit of the ruling through legislative loopholes.

I will defend against any attempts to restrict the sale of computer and video games, which are nothing but aggressive attempts at censorship.

I will support continued efforts to fight for free speech of computer and video games, a right now recognized by the highest court in the land.

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