Saturday, June 25, 2011

Silly moment.

Ever have something happen, some random bug of graphics and effects that makes you fall out of the chair laughing?

I had one of those while gathering up some materials for finishing off a cooking achievement.

So I'm gathering up Rhino Meat and one of them wanders too close and takes a swipe at my shaman.  I Hex him  and go back to cooking only to have my jaw drop when my [Toxic Wasting] flies off!  As on zoom I'm outta here style!  And it says I still have my pet out and by me even though he is looooong gone.

Looking around I noticed the Tickbird that hangs out on the Rhino was missing too.  So, experiment time!  Do Tickbirds give Wastlings superpowers?

First we need a rhino properly Hexed before he attacks like the other one.  Ah here we have a vict...I mean a volunteer!

Now remember kids rhino frogs are just as hoppy as the usual ones and you might need to go chasing them around.

Better yet after you scare someone with them you can scare them again when they grow up with a foom!

 Now add one Toxic Wastling, make sure to starve it so its good an ornery.

Ornery ooze is at least 50% more aggressive than non-ornery ones.  national Geographic said so I think somewhere.  But dont taunt super happy fun ooze balls.  Bad Things(TM) happen.


Goodbye little super Wastling!  I hope you have fun joining the Azerothian Supervillians.

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