Saturday, June 25, 2011

Its all about the toys!

The World of Warcraft is all about the gear you can get, a naked character cant get nearly as far as a geared one.  But then Blizzard games back to Diablo have had that fact.  But WoW has the added factor of wanting to look cool and needing a roleplaying.outfit.

Yes, need.  Like raiders have to have the best stat gear regardless fo what kind of fasion accidents they look like this season Roleplayers need the opposite, looks over item level.

Well last night thanks to my friend I finished the suit I've been working on.

Click for a better look.

With the helm my Demon Hunter outfit is complete.It is -

Hands: N/A
Waist: [Belt of Might]
Trinket: [Skull of Gul'dan]

Each item has a place in her story, and in turn adds to it. Even her shoes, simple as they are, lending themselves to fast movement and easy to kick off when needed.

Now with any good luck Greyseer wont make any more suggestions for new costumes.  Or I might have to get a little elf ear necklace.

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