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The Elemental Bonds - Thrall's Quest, notes

I'm not going to go into deep details of the quest chain's RP.  That's the main focus of the quest so I wont spoil it.  What I will do is give you some tips in how to complete it and enjoy it.

Overal the mobs you fight are around Tol Borad's level of difficulty.  Not hard if you fight smart.

The quest starts at your local Earthen Ring representative in Stormwind or Ogrimar.  Right by the portals to the other Cataclysm zones.  Then head through the portal to Mt Hyjal and talk to Thrall.  You get a cutscene to watch, not badly rendered though it did have a WTF moment for me in it (or two) Ill mention below.  Talk to Aggra and she will teleport you to the next step in the quest, your first fight!

As a special note you will have bastards who flag themselves and run around trying to flag you on a PvE or RP server (AIE was the main giver of suck jackassery on my server).  The mobs your fighting are NOT hostile until you attack them.  So select your target and then engage your single target attacks.  

Bond 1, Air: The mechanic for this and other fights is simple.  You get a bar and as you kill mobs a big mob appears, you kill that mob and the bar fills up.  The main thing you should do as your fighting is to listen to what Aggra and Thrall say.  Oh and avoid the whirlwinds wandering around.  

Don't fall off.  In my experiments this reset the bar, resetting the RP and meaning you have to do it all over again.   You fall into water so you don't die you only lose time.  You only get credit in your bar for the ones you contribute to killing.  One reason the AIE morons who flag are so annoying.  The quest could be over far faster if you were able to use area attacks.  If your having trouble hitting the guys hang out on the edge.  Warriors and rogues don't forget you have a ranged weapon.

Bond 2, Water: The mechanic for this   You get a bar and as you kill mobs a big mob appears (Vortex of Longing), you kill that mob and the bar fills up.  The main thing you should do as your fighting is to listen to what Aggra and Thrall say.  Swing your camera around to watch Thrall as you fight.  The visions she announces are very cool.
When it tells you to swim to Agga and click on her then talk to her to move to the next area.

Bond 3, Earth: Talk to the Stonemother, it can be hard to see the ? up that high.  This is a rehash of Water with Corestones of patience being your main target.  Make sure to listen to what is said, its cute.

Bond 4, Fire: Talk to Aggra, then follow her to accept the next step.  Fight elementals by the totems your prompted to.  A brief giant hunters mark appears over the totem showing you where ti is.  Otherwise look for the giant orc axe totems.  The Mobs you fight might lite you on fire so you run around screaming, but it wears off quickly.

An auto accept quest will appear on your screen, accept it.

Click on the glowy portal after it opens and return to Hyjal for your cool new cloak!
Click to check them out.

Decent Mechanics and writing.  But the cut scenes are unskippable for the most part.  Entertaining enough for a couple of characters.  I expect by character 10 Ill be very tired of whats kind of trite dialog.

Below Ill post my vague spoiled, my WTF moment in the beginning.

Alright here it is.

When the Aspects are all chatting with Thrall and malfurion and the Twilight hammer shows up NO ONE but thrall and Aggra act like its a surprise!  The aspects all hang out and watch and even Mal just lets Thrall deal with it drpping into his combat stance and not DOING anything!  In the shot below you can see the aspecs arent even pretending like their going to fight.
Click for more detail

It smells more like a set up by the spects and Mal than a serious attack, or more realistically a PAINFULLY contrived way to have Fandral able to chat and be annoying.  Oh and rip thrall apart for this contrived quest to show his character growth.

Oh and Ysera STILL has er eyes open!  Damn you blizzard this is a MAJOR physical feature of the character.  She of the Dream only opens her eyes for MAJOR events, its a major mood thing that you cant even bother to get right?

Oh right thats cause you just copy pasted the body from Alextraza cause you were lazy.  I guess its worked before.

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