Sunday, September 25, 2011

Little things can mean a lot or Quick Honor Tip Pt 3

As I covered in my 'good idea but' post they were letting you just convert points and buy PvP weapons.  I saw a shift in the casual guilds to forcing them as 'required'.

Bliz answered this by making it a requirement that you do PvP  Baiscly you have to earn a number of points in this season before the weapons unlock.  These points are ONLY earned by 'direct PvP actions'*.

*= Thank you GM Suzutoyon for that very easy to understand answer.

Since I had alread bent his ear to ask about the Justice Point to Honor Point swap I bent it some more and ask about the Grizzly hills quests I covered in Quick Honor Tip and Quick Honor Tip 2.  The answer?  "Yes, though they are a much smaller source of Honor, honor earned there does count."

Ah GM Suzutoyon you made my night.

This opens all kinds of possibilities.  Even if you 'only' score 4k honor form them while leveling - 20 days of dailies - your half way to getting this seasons honor earned requirement out of the way.

This is something I wish the game had more of.  An alternate advancement route that isn't impossible but is difficult.  I have a friend who is doing those 4 dailies for JP gear and Ive been watching her with interest.  Even as a super solo casual player they mean her gear is steadily creeping into the epic range.

Now Trolls, those annoying jerks, love to make seemingly reasonable complains about the 'casual friendly' things.
Is it a troll?  Only time and offensive jokes will tell.
I.E. things you cant do in groups or Raid but that get you equal rewards.  Whats amusing is they try and pretend to be reasonable when they aren't being that at all.  Someone with this can achieve great rewards.  With a casual friendly format of a few quests a day...And GREAT patience.  This is a strategy, a plan, something you work on with a character your focused about.

Might be why I cant seem to commit to it for more than the once to test it.

This takes a slow patience so its no use to the twitch happy troll.  But to MANY gamers its an alternate way of character advancement that really is awesome.  Why do I have the feeling it will be nerfed soon.  *Sighs*  Must be my priest and hunter cynacism soaking through.


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