Friday, August 5, 2011

Quick Honor Tip

They fixed the PvP quests in Grizzly hills awarding honor points.

Blackriver Skirmish, Crush Captain Brightwater, Smoke 'Em Out, and Keep them at Bay  gave 50 honor.
Seeking Solvent Awarded 2(?!?!) honor and Riding the Red Rocket awards 4.  Pretty pathetic numbers.

These are the Horde quests I have yet to check the alliance ones.

Tips: Keep them at bay does not require you are flagged while holding the quest, though the targets are flagged.
Don't attack the Venture co guys, run through them and gather them into a pile and drop the smoke bomb on them.  Attacking usually makes the bomb unusable.  If your low level smoke some, kill a guard, smoke some more.  You can work out a good rhythm.
Dont worry about killing the guards until after you kill the captain.  There is several on the ship.

So you can easily snag 200 honor each day for 4 daily quests.  Considering one winning Battle Ground gets you a bonus of only 90 honor your getting the equal of a hugely successful match in less time than it takes to play a bad one.  It lets you escape the Drama Queens a little bit.

Just be aware there might be gankers around.  Keep an eye out for the wolves they might decide its worth a try.

Have fun!

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