Saturday, July 30, 2011

RP Locations - Ogrimar

Orgrimmar has so many fun places to gather that its hard to pick just one. So with the helpful assistance of Deepvein the goblin (for only a small fee) here are three linked places that really bring a variety of Roleplay into Doomhammer's namesake.

1: 73 37, 2: 57 40, 3: 63 40
Faction: Horde
Zone: Orgrimmar
Sub Zone: Orgrimmar and the Valley of Honor
Special Notes: The first location can only be gotten to by flying, the second via the bridge from the zeppelin station, and the third by walking into the valley of honor.

Our first location is rather bare of bric-a-brac but it has natural beauty of the sort usually found in the wilds of Azeroth.
Click for a better view
Here the river emerges from the mountain and after bumping into a few rocks plummets to the plateau below. Its quite fall and the water shallow so don't try jumping without some handy Noggenfogger Elixir (TM).

The pool and its rocks make an excellent spot to meditate upon the city below, or even for lovers to gather for a romantic getaway.  Right next to the heart of the city yet far enough away to avoid almost all traffic.  Just remember to keep the clothes on the Orgrimmar Wind Riders that sail over you mean you don't have perfect privacy.

Next we go down the falls to a wide open area where the water flows around a pillar of stone.  Id encourage you to click on this to look at it because its such a large place it needs a wide angled picture.
Click for a better view
Here is more than enough room for a hundred or more characters to gather for a ceremony, along with water for frolicing in.  Since you can ride to the area, but its far enough away few should see your words, it is usually quiet with only a few random wanderers coming through.  Behind the viewer in the picture there is an angled rock forming a small grotto where you can get out of the sun or live.  Though Snurk Bucksquick's yell informing you the Zeppelin arrived without blowing up might get old eventually.

Incidentally those rocks at the base of the waterfall make a good place to hide if your alliance and trying to fish.  I'm just sayin'.

Finally we follow the river down into the Valley of Honor.  This is by a main road but usually passed right by as people grab their fishing tasks and move on to the forge.
Click for a better view
By this bustle we have a peaceful pool perfect for watching the Horde in Orgrimmar run by and doing a little fishing.  Its really public though so be ready to deal with the random that comes from it.  Yet if you position yourself in the right spot around the waterfall your voices wont carry so its only the observant who will see you.  Also Snurk can be heard here, man that Goblin has a healthy pair of lungs.

Yuo can find many nooks and crannies in Orgrimmar, especially on top of its new walls.  Take some time and explore and you will be rewarded.

For the Elements, For Thrall, For the Horde!

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