Wednesday, August 17, 2011

15 Days of Screenshots: Day 4. Greatest Accomplishment

Proud of a boss kill? Excited about taming that rare? Over the moon about getting a title? Show us your greatest in game accomplishment!

So its..well then there is...I mean its...Wow, just wow.  Try and chose one?

If you've poked around here you know I love collecting good looking armor sets and role-playing but...I like it but that feels like its missing the point.  Levels?  Well I'm proud of what I did but I think anyone could do it.  So...what do I really remember as my magic moments?  In all the years what really made the most terrific list?  I have a few moments that Ill share because they all have such imact I couldnt chose between them.

A) My two sisters and I we're mostly leveling together on our first toons.  We'd read the game booklet and thought a hunter would work as a tank, my priest (I rolled druid but the crying over their healing drove me away in a couple of days), and a rogue for max stabby stabby.  So we are in the Scarlet Monestary at 35 or so and we're 3 manning the place.  Its rough and there is blood sweat and tears going as the pet tries to tank and I try to heal and we all have a great time.  Then came Herod.

We formed our cunning plan knowing next to nothing, ranged by door, and charged in.  It was down to the wire with only a few hp left on him when Herod killed the pet and went charging after the hunter.  He only got a few steps before he died and his charge scared me into jumping down.  Were yelling in delight as his death when the hunter starts yelling and I reflexively toss a few heals. The swam of mobs that killed the hunter all come running after me with a gleam of death in their eyes.  I do my best scream and start running around the room in a panic instant healing myself what little I could.  I hear the rogue yell "Just keep running!"  and as my healing agro kept them stuck on me orbiting the room the rogue one by one pulled the students off until we stood victorious!

Again, and more than a little jumpy.  Our only regret was we were too paniced to screen shot...and the hunter was laughing till there were too many tears to see the button.

B) By pure luck I checked out a rumor of singing dragons in the Whispering Woods.  I dropped a line to Skolnik and we investigated spawn times and everything in there.

It was something I had a delight in speculating and checking.  Finding out something new in Warcraft you couldn't just google was really fantastic for me.  Checkout his coverage here.  Hes a really cool guy and finds the coolest stuff in wow.

C) I was raiding the black temple with my guild and I got lucky and won the warglaive, then was given the matching one when it dropped.  That is special by itself but the people who were in the Netherbane meant so much to be and those weapons I love so much are a link to the memories of that.  My sisters helping me to 3 man Illidan for the blindfold just added icing to the cake.  I talked about it in this blog post.

D) The Death (again) of Teron Gorefiend.

We beat our heads against him and his auto kill mechanic for some time before we 4 character (3 players) won the fight.  Our strategy actually involved hoping my shaman died first so I could self rez and keep fighting.  We beat our way through the mechanics with all the grace of a drunken bull but we won!  That was such a rush of pure joy to be able to take him out like that.  Illidan just took some coordination - he took sheer luck as well as our top skills.

So I guess that's some of my favorite memories.  Really though there are many more I'm sure I coudl come up with.  Because to me WoW is about doing things with friends.

The ones I have and the ones whos roads have carried them away are my treasures, greater than any gold.  More awesome than any loot.

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