Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Its time for the...


I knew the strangely nice DPS who just did their jobs and did it well couldn't last.

So we go in the door, buffs are swapped, the healer changes specs and the tank pauses.  Now theres any number of reasons she could of done it.  But what comes out of the rogues mouth a heartbeat later?

"Gogogo.  Pull them.  The mob is right there."

The tank says she was rearranging her bars, she had to fix them, and if he wants to try and solo them hes welcome to.  I toss in my comment that we're not Wrathbabies anymore so no need to get impatient.

I explain to the healer what a wrathbaby is, someone from wrath of the Wrath of the Lich King who wants chain pulls and no down time leading to wipes instead of strategy and winning.

The rogue meanwhile just wont shut up moaning and whinning in a nearly endless stream of complains while managing to just stay ahead of the priest healer on the damage charts.  We cant kick him for 15 minutes cause blizzard are dumb but luckily after 10 he can't take it any more and leaves during a pull.

So to that jerk,

May all your gear break, your guilds disband, may the goldfarmers consume your character, and may you know only wipes and loneliness in the game.

Actually with how he acted he probly is working on making that come true withut my ill wishes.

As Bugs would say "What a maroon."

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