Monday, April 14, 2014

Roll Call

A friend of mine was surprised at the number of characters I had as paladins so I thought for my amusement I would list them off (Just the over 80s) in no particular order.


Tauren 90
Worgen 86
Worgen 90
Tauren 90
Draenei 85

Hmm..I thought there would be more.  Has to be my favorite class in the game and the 2nd one I rolled.
Some statistics; Hunters are the most popular class (13%)  Tauren are the least popular race to be a hunter (3%).


Night Elf 90
Troll 90

Just the two.  I love priests but since Cata they have been a bit difficult for me to love the healing on.  after deleting my druid my priest was my first wow character.
Some statistics; Humans top the race for priests with Tauren the least.


Orc 90
Pandaren (Alliance) 86

As much as I love rogues they are just hard enough I never entirely feel I'm getting all I can out of them.  Loads of fun though.
Some statistics; The least popular rogue is a dwarf at a mere 4,233 characetrs 92%)

Paladin and Sunwalker;

Tauren 86
Tauren 90

Dwarf 90
Human 85

Yes they are different even if Blizard is lazy and leaves everything the same.
Some statistics; Dwarves barely edge out Tauren for least popular race but humans handily beat blood elves for most.  Draenei fall in the middle.


Human 90

Well technically half elf.  But yes just the one.  I love their mobility but in combat I die...a lot.

Its never felt like it got better for me heck my priest feels invincible and my mage is like she always was - fragile.
Some statistics; Humans are 25% of all Mages while Dwarves are just 1%.


Blood Elf 90

Blood Elf 81

My human turned blood elf when I moved her to horde for RP reasons and left me surprisingly warriorless Alli side.  I do feel it every so often, Ill have to fix it one of these days.  Fantastic class.
Some statistics; 9% of all characters are warriors and 25% of them are Humans.  18% are Orcs and Tauren a mere 8% though not as bad as Goblins at 2%.


Tauren 85
Tauren 90
Worgen 82
I deleted my first druid cause I was told their bad at healing-only to find out later in Vanilla they were bad at everything else.  now their awesome but I'm sorta meh on them.  Weird cause you'd think they would be my zen home.
Some statistics; 61% of all druids are Alliance and trolls with their techocolor hair are the least popular at 16%.


Orc 85

Ah my nemesis.  From raiding heroic Dragonsoul to ah fck I don't know what buttons to push.  No one would help so I got a new one to 56 and was told I was amazing at the class in a PUG so that's something I guess.
Some statistics; Humans are the most popular (again) at 29% with Undead/Forsaken at 17% the nearest competitor.


Draenei 90
Goblin 90

I love enhancement to death, super meh with eleemntal even when its DPS is higher and as much as I adore Shaman healing its made me wanna cry more often than not because of how horrible it is.  but still its fun to punch things .. yay?
Some statistics; Draenei are the most popular Shaman (I blame BC) at 32% and orcs a mere 17%.  Tauren are the least popular Shaman.  :(

Shadow I mean Death Knight;

Human 80 (tentative Titan Herald toon)

Orc 87
Night Elf 82
Gnome 85

I had tons of fun with Frost, unholy, blood, in the original design.  The redesign has left me disliking the class quite a bit.  Still Unholy still at least kinda plays like it used to so that makes it OK.  but man that harm touch is so OP.
Some statistics; Humans are a mere 19 of this population with Blood Elves almost catching them at 17%.  trolls are the least popular just behind Dwarves.


Gnome 90

I've tried to level other monks just dont 'get' them like I do the other classess and the constant descriptions of their tanking and healing being different drove me away from trying it till my monk is too high to try it without swearing and kicking (of me from the group).
Some statistics; Pandaren make up a whopping 51% of monks with  Humans 15% on top and the losers are Tauren, Dwarves, and Trolls at 2% each.  Weird cause Trolls have excellent fighting animations.

So that's the lot of them.  A few interesting things I noticed.

Mage and Monk are the only two that dont have representation on both sides of the faction line.  Mage Monk and warlock are the only ones I dont have a 70's of.

I dont have any low level hunters any more - deleting tha one lost me my heirloom bow.  Blizzard cant find it!

And just because this made me laugh and laugh...

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