Friday, April 4, 2014

Replacements for CC abilities on Pets in WoD

In WoD they are disarming CC and hunters get hit hard.  So putting on my thinking hat here are some ideas to replace abilities with.  Go let Blizzard know what you think of these ideas at

Basilisk: Petrifying Gaze - replace with stone form from the dwarves.

Bat: Sonic Blast - Sonic Finder works as Faerie Fire vs stealth. Perhaps a + stealth detection on the pet?

Bird of Prey: Snatch - Grab: seize the target and do damage. While holding on unattackable.

Crab: Pin - Nerf Bat! No? Well how about Tough Shell (+armor/health) that stacks with last stand.

Crane: Lullaby - Rush, additional 50% movement rate stacks with dash.

Crocolisk: Ankle Crack - Powerful Bite: reduces targets armor by a stack of sunder armor per application.

Dog: Lock Jaw - Ravage: Cause the target to bleed -stacks.

Gorilla: Pummel - Coconut Toss: Ranged melee damage attack.

Monkey: Bad Manners - Banana Barrage: Ranged melee attack, leave a trail of bananas on the ground for 3 sec.

Moth: Serenity Dust - Moth Prophecy; Warp time to return to the place you are when the ability is used a second time.

Nether Ray: Nether Shock - Nether Winds: attack that does a mixture of Shadow and Elemental (air) Damage

Porcupine: Paralyzing Quill - Play Dead: Fall down, unattackable, Until told to attack again/use its abilities.

Rhino: Horn Toss - Potent Lifeforce: trebles passive regeneration of health and doubles healing for a limited time.

Scorpid: Clench - Venomed Stings: attacks have a chance to apply a random poison (As snake trap, does not stack with the trap).

Shale Spider: Web Wrap - Shards Onslaught: Pet despawns and spawns numerous little spiders to attack the target as copies of itself with a small health pool (mirror image ish). Until the spider shards are killed the pet will not return.

Silithid: Venom Web Spray - Gorger's Plague: Little bugs swarm about the pet doing a small amount of nature damage.

Spider: Web - Grandma Spider's Cunning: Your pet places a random trap on the ground at its feet.

Wasp: Sting - Itch: after a time this turns into a DoT poison. Sped up and damage increased with each application.

And of course I have a few ideas for Minor Glyphs
Saddle: Can ride your Rhino as a +30% speed boost (operates as cheetah no stun).
Eyes of the Beast - Works just like the old spell.
Ambiturner - Pet follows on the other side.
Engineering at its best!: When dashing/etc the pet gets a rocket pack!

Arcane Power: Spirit beast does a bit less damage and regains the original moonfire ability.

I apologize if there is anything too fuzzy to be used, its been a couple of days since I could sleep.

P.S. Listen to the Darkmoon Herald - they rock!

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