Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Warcraft has had a neat looking mount datamined for a while.  Speculation ran rampant on what it was for until recently.

Hearthstone Patch Notes
The Hearthsteed mount reward has been added and can now be obtained for your World of Warcraft account! Win 3 games in Play or Arena mode to acquire one of your own!
 (See the video here )

Thats it, just win 3 games?  That doesn't sound hard but it can be when you don't know what your doing.  With a bit of luck my deck design can give you a shortcut into getting the mount while not getting into Hearthstone.  Not that I think you shouldn't, cause the game is a neat one, but sometimes you just want the mount.

First you have to complete the tutorial.  After its done you have the option of making yoru own deck.

Click My Collection

Click New Deck

Click Mage (Jaina's face)

And Choose

This will give you a graphic book listing the cards you can pick.  I want you to double click the listed cards so they appear in the list on the right, 2 copies.  If you dont have a 2 next to the name your missing one.

Mage Spells
Arcane Missiles
Arcane Explosion
Arcane Intellect

Click the Hearthstone arrow on the right to move into 'neutral' spells (usable by all classess) here we want;

Voodoo Doctor
Novice Engineer
Raid Leader
Ironfur Grizzly
Shattered Sun Cleric
Gnomish Inventor
Sen'jin Shieldmasta
Booty Bay Bodyguard
Gurubashi Berserker
Lord of the Arena

As you get more mage cards replace the Ironfur Grizzly with Frost Bolt and eventually Mirror Image.

In the early game this deck is somewhat sluggish but few decks at the 0 games won 0 games lost level have much burst.  It comes into its own with its tanks being able to shut down the field, Gurubashi Berserker pounding the foe, and the mages magic spells mopping up any annoyances.

A special note on the Gurubashi Berserker.  Your special mage power is to do one damage to a target.  be willing to hit it with your power to get its attack up.  heal it with Witchdoctors and the Shattered Sun Cleric buff.

Best of luck on getting your mount!

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