Monday, April 14, 2014

WoW's constants Life, death, and bags

Characters live, they die, and you pay a lot for them to have bags to hold stuff.  The basic law of Warcraft or is it?  I think there is a solution for leveling toons as well as boosters to 90.

On the auction house they certainly are.  Netherweave bags are the easiest to farm and make and give you a 16 slot size.  They bind on equip so people price the other 16 slot bags you can trade even higher.

Good goldmaking tip to sell those actually.  You can make them at 315 skill so if you level tailoring while you level a character you can get to them relatively easily and sell them as you go do a tidy profit.

In 4.0.3 Blizzard gave us a way out on that and I have to admit it slipped my mind.  For just over a gold you can purchase a 16 slot bag from a vendor, if your crafty about it.

Each race was given a faction vendor, each of these vendors sells the same thing; A Tabard with their logo, a Cloak (tmogable) with their logo, and a 16 slot bag!

The were to find them is easy - right by the flighmasters for the city.  Well, except Stormwind.  For some reason she is on a horse outside.  Just look for her at the ramp leading up to the Stormwind flightpoint.

Heck in Orgrimmar they have 3 of them having a little city pow-wow.  You cant get much easier to find.

So as you level up your character the city their by will give them lots of rep.  In fact if you only quest you will get one or two factions to revered no problem.  But that's just two bags.  What you want to do is grab a tabard for another faction when you run dungeons at level 15.

You do run some dungeons don't you?  As I've mentioned before the exp you get is crazy good from the quests, as is the rewards.  with this you also can count bags as a reward!

So spend a few silver on 8 slot bags or whatever is pretty cheap.  Low levels its a fine size.  Quest, do dungeons, swap tabards so you rep up.  Buy the 16 slot bags as you hit revered/exalted (1.6 gold at exalted).  Before you know it you will have a full assortment of bags - Seven of them!

But what if you missed a rep..or boosted to 90.  Used Recruit a Friend to level fast, and so forth.  Can you get rep easily?  But of course!  Each faction capital city has a dungeon in it that gives tabard rep.  in Stormwind its the Stockade south of the Cathedral District and in Orgrimmar its Ragefire Chasm hidden under the Flightmasters in the The Drag.  note that Ragefire is level 15 and the stockade level 22 so you can solo them at different levels.

Soloing is what its all about here.  Run in, smash everyone, loot their stuff with the nice AoE looting, step out and vendor the greys, right click your character portrait to reset instances and do it again.  You do have an instance limit of 5 an hour so be aware of it if you plan to run other content.

So there you have it with a bit of planning you can proudly say "all your bags are belong to us."

Captain: Take off every 'ZIG'!!
Captain: You know what you doing.
Captain: Move 'ZIG'.

End of Line.

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