Monday, January 13, 2014

Celestial Tournament pt 1 - Kiryn, Mari, Blingatron 4000

Shademaster Kiryn (Timeless Isle)

1) Fledgling Nether Ray (Caught in netherstorm)
B) Tail Sweep C) Shadowshock
2) Fel Flame (Captured Shadowmoon Valley)
A) Flame Breath B) Immolate C) Conflagurate
C) Darkmoon Zepplin
A) Missile C) Decoy

As a flyer the Ray is strong against his attacks so its simple - just Shadowshock till Nairn dies.
Tailsweep Stormoen and that will ikely be the end fo the Ray.

Bring in the Fel Flame.  With Stormoen's lightning storm up his Dot will cripple the mechanical.  Immolate, Conflagurate, Flame Breath, and its all over.

Thats likely the end of the Fel Flame too.  On to the Zepplin!

You wil lbe forced to eat the incoming damage for two rounds, its worth being patient and waiting.  Trigger Decoy before he can hit you with Prowl.  Missile away till you win.

Blingatron 4000

1) Gahz,rooki (rare drop in the Barrens)
A) Tail Slap C) Whirlpool
2) Magical Crawdad (Fishing or Ah)
A) Snap B) Renewing Mists C) Wish
3) Water Waveling (Captured Zul'Drak)
A) Ice Lance B) Frostshock C) Geyser

Whirlpool and hit with Tail Slap till dead.  Hit Binks then swap in your Magical Crawdad when he kills it.

Hit banks with Snap, cast Renewing Mists, hit him with Snap, cast Wish, snap and renew.  snap, snap again, and dead.

Lil' B is now up renew or wish depending on cooldowns.  Basically continue as you did for banks.
he may manage to wear down your crawdad depending on random luck.

when you bring your Water Wavelong into play do not hit Geyser right away.  Wait till just after plating goes up.  With the Cooldowns synched like this it will hit for full damage.  It may not even be needed as you can Frostshock and Icelance till dead.

Wise Mari

1) Jade Owl (Jewelcrafting)
A) Slicing Wind B) Hawk Eye C) Lift-Off
2) mechanical Pandaren Dragonling (Engineering)
3) Swamp Croker (Captured Isle of Thunder)
A) Water Jet C) Bubble

Hit Hawk Eye, then Lift off, and smack Carpe around with Slicing wind till he dies.
When Spirus comes out hit Hawk Eye and then damage him to pop his bubble.  That should finish off your Owl so bring out your Dragonling.

Use Decoy when he activates his shield and keep breathing till he dies.  When River comes out keep up the breathing till the dragonling falls.

Bring out your Swamp Croker.  Use your Bubble after he pumps or to avoid one of his big attacks.  Otherwise Water Jet him away.

Now on to the spirit beasts!  Err Celestials...their kids anyway... kinda..whatever....

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