Sunday, January 12, 2014

Pet Battlin pt 1 - Vanilla and WotLK Grandmasters

Its no secret that my enthusiasm for Warcraft has had a few issues lately.  from CSRs who are keyboard snapping frustrating to being Forced into PvP fo rmy Legendary its just...meh.

The Pet battles have been the same sort of awful with them relying on cheating to make it harder.  Making it punishing not difficult. i think because of the raiders they pushed into it.

Anyway I thought I would lay out my teams and might help others to fight.  If I skip an ability for a per its because I think its a useless slot.

Pet Battle teams is such an amazing mod

Lydia Accoste (Deadwind Pass)

1) A pet level 2+  For this I'm working on my level 8 Pint-Sized Pink Pachyderm
Any abilities
2) Rabbits.  I use a Talai Hare and a Tolai Hare Pup (Good stats, Captured in Kun-Li Summit)
A) Scratch C) Stampede

At this level Pet battles arent hard to finish but they can be well worth your time in coming back for the loot bag and for the experience.  She has one major 'rule' - use a critter pet so you can quickly smoke her undead pets.  Also if its level 25 your other pets in the fight get the full exp.

Baby pet hits the elemental.  It will be putting up thorns so it wont hit back.  Even a miss here grants the little pet exp.

Swap to rabbit.  Stampede, scratch, win.  My level 8 got 2040 xp (no hat or food) pushing it to level 11.

Stone Cold Trixxy (Winterspring)

1) Any 25 Humanoid - (For example) Pandaren Monk
A) Jab
2) Any pet to level - (For example) lil' Bing
2) Any 25 Magic - (For example) Arcane Eye (Captured in Deadwind Pass)

Like the fight above we're focused on leveling a little pet.  The 2nd pet up (the cat) hits softer than the dragon so is a better pet to take a swipe at with your lowbie pet and have it live.  Just dont come out if the prowl is active it hits really hard with that up.  A mechanical pet will help since it can die and then be swapped out and still get exp.

So Jab dragon.  Jab cat a bit.  Swap to exp pet.  Swap to eye and kill the bird.  With hat (+10%) my Lil Bing for 2244 xp and went from level 8 to level 11.

Major Payne (Icecrown)

1) Lil XT (Pet store, Card Game, Cardgame can be found on the AH)
Abilities A) Zap, C) XE-321 Boombot
2) Fel Flame (Capture in Shadowmoon valley)
Abilities A) Flame Breath B) Immolate C) Conflagurate
3) Aquatic Pet, level 22+ for example a Spiny Terrapin (Capture in Kasarang wilds)
Abilities A) Grasp, C) Headbutt

Payne can be intimidating at first but there is a simple strategy that will wipe the map with him and leave his last pet to be used to level your pets.

XT come in and Zaps.  Should Payne's bear stun him with its opener, forfeit.  You took no damage and are starting at a disadvantage.  Never do that.  If you resist the stun then zap him till he gets low enough to trigger his heal.  Activate your Boombot and then finish him off.

Next his mechanical pet comes out.  Zap as much as you can and with that and the Bot it will be hurting by the time your fel flame  comes out.  Hit it with the combo of Immolate and Conflagurate and a little flame breath and it will fall down for good.

When his elemental comes out put your damage over times on it with Immolate and Flame Breath and weaken it down to its last gasp.  Usually he will kill the flame but if not swap to  your last pet.

Aquuatic pets hit the hardest but you can level anyone here.  The rule of thumb is 22 and blue will bring victory.  For my example turtle I hit him with my Headbutt and then my Grasp and its all over.

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