Monday, January 13, 2014

Celestial Tournament - The Kids

You have to have teams that do not use the same pets as used to defeat the other Master Trainers in the tournament because of their stupid cheating no healing rule.

Zao, Calfling of Niuzao

I start with Zao because he is the touchiest of the bunch for me.  his AI has been tossing me curveballs but so far my strategy has held up.

1) Pandaren Water Spirit (Pandaren Water Spirit Daily pet battle)
B) Whirlpool C) Geyser
2) Something with howl. Example - Alpine Foxling Kit
B) Howl
3) Dragon with Tail Sweep Example - Dark Whelpling

Start off with Geyser and then Whirlpool, swap to the Howl Pet and Howl.  Swap to the Tail Sweep pet and sweep twice.  Victory!

Chi-Chi, hatchling of Chi-Ji

1) Silkbeard Snail (Captured in Jade Forest)
A) Ooze Touch B) Acidic Goo C) Dive
2) Another snail like the first for Example - Rapana Whelk (Captured Dead Wastes)
A) Ooze Touch B) Acidic Goo C) Dive
3) Arcane Eye (Captured - Deadwind pass)
A) Focused Beams B) Eyeblast

Acidic Goo, Ooze Touch, Dive, repeat.  When your first snail goes down replace it with the other snail and keep pounding him.  here is where the Battle Pet Info addon from Curse shines.  It shows you when his ethereal is coming off cooldown so you know when to trigger a dive so you dont waste a round being hit when you cant hit back.

When the snails are down use your Eye's Eyeblast ability to gain the speed advantage and Focused beams till he dies.

Easy peasy.

Yu'la, Broodling of Yu'lon

Yu'la did (and can still) give me fits.  So I fell back on a simple strategy of brute force.  It isnt pretty but it gets the job done.

1) Flayer Youngling (Captured Hellfire Peninsula)
A) Blitz B) Deflection C) Kick
2) Fast rabbit for example - Talai hare (Captured Kun Lai Summit)
A) Scratch B) Evasion C) Burrow
3) Anubisath Idol (Drop in AQ40 or AH)
A) Crush C) Deflection

Kick when its off cooldown.  It wont help with strategy but its basically a touch of free damage.  Blitz for your major hits.  Use Deflection to avoid the first and second Lift-offs.

The bunny may seem like madness but it has superior avoidance.  Burrow to avoid like off (The cooldowns will match up), use evasion when its over to avoid two breaths.  Keep hitting it as long as you can with Scratch.  by the time your done you will appreciate what big nasty teeth it has.

The idol you use Deflection to avoid a lift off and punch her in the face!

Not the best strategy but its the only one I've cooked up that always makes a win.

Xu-Fu, Cub of Xuen

1) Tranquil Mechanical Yeti (Engineering made)
A) Metal Fist B) Call lightning
2) Flock or Swarm Pet for Example - Turkey (Captured in Howling Fjord)
C) Flock
2) Flock or Swarm Pet for Example - Mei Li Sparkler (Captured in Kasarang Wilds)
C) Swarm

The easiest of the bunch he is also the best of them to pick as a pet if you in any way need a beast.  Reallt awesome abilities!

Start with your Yeti and use Call Lightning - not only does it buff you but it overwrites the weather that buffs his damage.  Swap to the Turkey and Flock.  This will add to his damage taken as well as chewing him up good.  Keep flocking till your dinner.  The weather will likely be almost over.  Bring out your Yeti and use Metal Fist if its not quite then recast it.  Swap to your swarmer and swarm to victory!

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