Sunday, April 21, 2013

Ding 90 Monk!

In my much slower effort to get my toons all up to 90 my Monk finally made it.

Nightli was my effort to make realm first.  It was plagued with problems form the get go but I still only missed it by a couple of hours.  After that I just stopped playing her for a while because of that.  Then I found out about pet battle exp and just had to try it.

That's from battling a level 24 vs a level 24 in Deepholm.  It really amazed me at how fast it went.  By comparison a quest was offering me 230k exp at 89.  but they expected me to work for it not just squish stuff with my minions :)

So there she is my noble monk.  Time to update my characters list and see who to work on next.  Oh and to farm.

Farming is cool :D

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