Sunday, April 28, 2013

Iron Pet Challenge

or:  Your doing what???

I've been working on the amount of exp you can get from pet battles and it inspired me to try an experiment.

Here are the rules.

1) I get exp from pet battles.

2) No quest exp.  i might need to bend this if I find one I HAVE to do but I don't think any zone is locked by a quest any more.

Though it will make getting around Cata zones..interesting.

3) No Kill/Grind XP.

4) Exploration exp is OK because I cant stop it.  More on this later.

5) No equipment upgrades beyond my starting equipment and Safari Hat WoW insists every character of mine might need.

6) Eventually I will be joining a guild, I dunno if they have the exp bonus or not.  Just mainly for guild invite blocking.

Some oddities.

I created my character and opened my statistics to take screen shots and found by logging in I completed 45 quests.  No really.
My assumption is those are the pet battle account wide quests.  So our zero point will be 45 I guess.

I've Acquired 4c form selling my staff.  So I wont kill something if I accidentally click on it.
I'm selling a few pets to get some capital for flight paths and flight training I don't know if that will alter the number.

I found exp went wonky at low levels.  I was getting 9-10 a kill and my pets ah somewhat more.  Mulling this over I decided exploration would be a part of my low level exp since at 10 exp a kill levels would be brutally slow to come.

But there is some light at the end of the tunnel...after a fashion.
So how well did I do after the first evenign /played?  here you go..

Level 4!

Not too awful but it isn't rocket speed.

I'm to the point I am earning FAR more exp from fights.  though I'm also running through level 1 pets like water. So far Ive been able to stick to my stable but soon ill end up leveling wild ones just to get the exp.

Its a fun little challenge to work on.  If you want to give it a try let me know and Ill post your results here.

Special thanks to Redcow from red cow rise for giving me a bit of help in coin while I was waiting for pet sales.  She is amazing.


  1. Just stumbled across this via Blog Azeroth, will kep my eye on this with great interest :)

    Best of luck with the venture

  2. Hey Nightwill - what a cool idea! I might try that too - though what would we do for gold - though a true irontoon needs no gold right? :)

    I shall try and join in and write a post.. OMG an alt. what is the world coming to.

    1. Well if you have enough battlepets in your collection it isn't hard to get some gold from the auction house.

      When I've used it for is flight paths so far. Eventually I'll want flight training, maybie a glyph of two.