Sunday, April 21, 2013

XP, Pet Battles, and You

I've been doing some exploration into the experience given by pet battles after a rather startling experience I had on one of my new hunters - leveling through Cataclysm in 2 days.  Mostly because of Pet Battles.

I didnt have heirlooms or any bonuses besides the basic guild + exp and a couple of days of rested exp.   Now I did do some quests, 41 of them, and all the dungeon quests.  Well Except Grim Batol.  Who can get those quests done in a hurry though?

The more I looked into it  the deeper the rabbit hole went.  In part I think because the code is years old and patched and repatched until its very..interesting.  But here are a few things I found out.

(For those of you interested I listed my data below.  I didnt record it down to the last exp since so many variables go into it that it would of been nearly impossible for someone else to get the exact same result).

Just the facts Ma'am.

1) Pets gain extra exp when they defeat higher level pets and so do you.  A blue pet especially one that has strong attacks against a wild mob can easily win and you earn more rewards this way.

Just remember that it works out like your character level.  If your stomping lwer levels who cant put up a fight you dont get exp nor do you from your pet battles.  

2) Exp is almost always a bit worse than questing - at least by the numbers.  When you factor in time running back and forth on quests and less (usually) in pet battles it seems to be quite favorable to pet battle.  Also you can hang out in lower level zones and ignore the normal mobs as you hunt pets.

3) The quality of pets affects the exp gained.  That's why I picked only on grey mobs.  to get some sort of easier comparison.  If you beat up a blue or green pets you will gain more exp.

Two goblin teams enter, one leaves!
4) Capturing a pet will lower exp at the end of the battle.

5) I'm not talking about battling the battle trainers.  Those quests give no exp and only benefit your pet. If you can take them down with lower level pets though for fast exp.

6) Results!

At level 59
  • Level 17 vs 17 gained me 8.9k xp
At level 75
  • Level 23 vs 23 gained me 18.5k xp
At level 80
  • Level 23 vs 23 gained me 23.9k xp
At level 85
  • Level 1 vs 1 gained me 6.9k xp
  • Level 3 vs 3 gained me 7.6k xp
  • Level 5 vs 5 gained me 22.8k xp  (Remember at 5 there are 2 enemies)
  • Level 24 vs 24 gained me 85k xp in Twilight Highlands
  • Level 24 vs 24 gained me 119k xp in Jade Forset

So what does that mean anyway?

Pet Battle if you want to level really quickly on an alt or in a new casual way - or just want to be all you can be and hunt blues In the end you will make so much more exp and the experience will be really fun.  

Of course there is a danger in that.  I hit a problem at 82 on my hunter.  Too low for the nice MoP gear I bought and her gear was a bit garbage compared to the zone.  That meant I had to wait till 83 for the dungeon quest and a lot more pet battes and quests there.  Of course as soon as I hit 83 I was away again in a blur.

 Find a solid farming spot like the vultures in Dragonblight where you can fly to a stable master in a blip if needed and back to devouring the pets.  Build a team to smash them and away you go.  Easy to do.  Its almost like the old fashioned level grinding is back.

Enjoy your pets,  Nightwill

Data Rough Notes with quest Exp comparison.
Hellfire quests 12k
8900 xp
@ 59 on a 59 with level 17 pets vs level 17 grey pets

 @85 lvl 1 pet vs level 1 grey 6.9k exp
1 vs 3 7.6k
level 3 vs 3 7.6k
@85 level 5 vs level 5 22.8k
@85 level 6 vs level 5 22.8k
4 vs 4 7.3k
4 vs 6 25k

lvl 16 vs 18 95k
lvl 17 vs 18 95k

@ level 85
Jade Forest
Quest: The Path of War (Kill 12 Hozen) 110k exp
1 Pet battle vs grey level 24 pets 85k

Quest; Landgrab (Kill 12 Horde Marines) 60.7k
1 Pet battle vs grey level 24 pets 85k

@Level 80
Quest: I'm Smelting... Smelting! 22k
1 Pet battle vs grey level 23 pets 23.4k

@level 75
Quest: Zul'Drak Trolls Is Gone Crazy! (free 8 Rageclaw) 20.5k Xp
1 Pet battle vs grey level 23 pets 18.5k Exp


  1. Oh extra note is that level 1 pets in Stormwind or really anywhere else that you can fast farm them give lesser charms. You can make about 50 in 60 minutes roughly.

  2. Very helpful!! Thank you for compiling the XP information :D