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The Imperial Realm: Silver Monk

This is another 10 level prestige class for my 3.5 D&D game.  This usually takes Monk 6 and Wizard 1.

Silver Monk

Rumor has it that the elves were the first to mix weaponless physical discipline with magical prowess.  The truth may never be known but now many different races find themselves drawn to these teachings.  Blending a unique magical mastery with combat discipline the Silver Monks guard knowledge in persuit of their own mysterious goals.

Hit Die: d6


Race: Any Humanoid or Monsterous Humanoid
Base Attack Bonus: +4
Skills: Concentration 4, Decipher Script 4, Knowledge: Arcane 4, Knowledge: History 4
Feats: Improved Unarmed Strike, Skill Focus-Craft-Calligraphy, Scribe Scroll
Special: Accepted into the Order, Any non chaotic alignment (usually neutral)., Able to cast arcane spells from preparation.

Class Skills
Cha: Use Magic Device
Con: Concentration,
Dex: Hide, Move Silently
Int: Alchemy, Craft, Decipher Script, Forgery, Knowledge (All chosen separately), Spot, Spellcraft
Wis:  Heal, Profession

Skill Points at Each Level: 4 + Int

Class Features

The Order of the Silver Monk
LevelBAB F R W Special
   1   +0         2 2 2 Monk Abilities, Spell casting
   2   +1        3 3 3 Combat Casting, Fists of Power +1
   3   +1         3 3 3 Sacred Knowledge, Arcane Memory
   4   +2         4 4 4 Flurry Casting
   5   +2         4 4 4 Improved Scrollwork Fists of Power +2
   6   +3         5 5 5 Sacred Knowledge, Improved Arcane Memory
   7   +3         5 5 5 Improved Flurry Casting,
   8   +4         6 6 6 Erficient Scrollwork, Fists of Power +3
   9   +4         6 6 6 Sacred Knowledge, Improved Combat Casting
  10   +5         7 7 7 Scroll Mastery

Weapon and Armor Proficiency: Proficient with Monk and Wizard weapons.  Silver Monks gain no armor or shield proficiencies, and many of their abilities fail in even light armor.

Monk Abilities (Ex): The character’s levels in silver monk add to any previous levels in monk or martial artist when determining their abilities for the following skills: Unarmed damage, unarmored speed, stunning attack, armor class.

Arcane Magic (Su): The silver monk’s levels are added to the spellcasting class each time they level to determine spell castable per day.  If the silver mink has more than one spellcasting class they must chose when they level where to apply this bonus.  This only counts for spellcasting (spell saving throws) and familiars, not any other benefit.

Combat Casting (Ex): The silver monk gains this virtual feat for free, this does compile with the feat if it is already possessed or learned.

Fists of Power (Ex): By training with unarmed combat to the exclusion of all other weapons the silver monk gains the listed adjustment to hit with unarmed and unarmored attacks.

Arcane memory (Su): The silver monk has a natural affinity for scrolls allowing them to commit to memory a number of scrolls to protect them from loss or harm.  One scroll may be memorized for each point of intelligence modifier if the silver monk can cast them.  If they can not then one scroll for each two.  Divine spells so memorized retain all requirememnts and do now incur an arcane spell failure chance if wearing armor.  The scroll is used by memorizing.  Non spellcasting spells may be memorized at 100 pages per spell scroll.

Flurry Casting (Su): When doing a flurry attack round the silver monk may chose to cast a spell as a part of their full attack action using their flurry attack to do so.

Improved Scrollwork (Ex): The monk may scribe scrolls held in their arcane memory to paper with the only cost being the quill and paper.

Sacred Knowledge (Ex): Gain a +3 competence modifier to any knowledge skill and may roll on a knowledge skill untrained.

Improved Arcane Memory (Su): The silver monk’s mastery of this skill is no such that they can use their charisma or wisdom modifier in addition as well as intelligence with this skill and divine scrolls no longer incur an armor penalty.

Improved Flurry Casting (Ex): The silver monk has learned to adapt spells to his unique combat style.  At the time of casting, while using flurry casting, the silver monk may change the target of any spell so that the area/target is ‘creature touched’ and range is ‘touch’.  typically this is used to allow spells such as fireball to be used around flammable items in the libraries.

Improved Combat Casting (Ex): The silver monk's mastery of martial arts magic means they are always considered to be ‘taking 20’ with this skill meaning they a silver monk to virtually never fail this skill.

Scroll Mastery (Su): The silver monk is always considered of the appropriate class, ability score, and level to cast any spell contained within a scroll.  Additionally if they have a scrol on their person they may cast it using their flurry casting ability without readying the scroll (ie from their backpack).

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