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The Imperial Realm: Arcane Knife

This is a 10 level prestige class for my 3.5 D&D campaign.  Note it was a work in progress and still needed a bit of polishing.  but it seemed fairly well balanced overall.  It usually took a Wizard/Sorcerer 1 and Rogue 5.

Arcane Knife

Blending obsessive training with a single melee weapon and training in handling the arcane arts the Arcane Knife are an agile fighter who flows through combat through skill, grace, and a healthy bit of luck with a history going back to the great war.  Bound by the restrictions upon Magi they were never very numerous and in these days some think their traditions have died out.

Hit Die: d6

Base Attack Bonus: 4+
Skills: Decipher Script 5, Disable Device 5, Hide 5, Jump 5, Knowledge: Arcana 6, Move Silently 5, Perform 3, Search 3, Spellcraft 5, Tumble 6, Use Magic Device 4
Feats: Quick Draw, Weapon Fines, Point Blank Shot
Special: Any non-lawful alignment, sneak attack 2d6, able to cast level 1 or higher arcane spells

Class Skills
Appraise, Balance, Bluff, Climb, Concentration, Decipher Script, Disable Device, Escape Artist, Gather Information, Hide, Intimidate,  Jump, Listen, Knowledge: Any, Listen, Move Silently, Open Lock, perform, Search, Sense Motive, Sleight of Hand, Spot, Spellcraft, Tumble, Use Magic Device

Skill Points at Each Level: 4 + Int

Class Features
The Arcane Knife

LevelBABF R W Special
   1   +1 0 2 1 Spellcasting, Bardic Knowledge, Canny Defense

   2   +1 1 3 1 Signature Blade, Knife Fighting, Sneak Attack +1d6
   3   +2 1 3 2 Handstrike, Rapid Throw
   4   +2 1 4 2 Perfect grip, Evasion
   5   +3 2 4 3 Sneak attack +2d6, Acrobatic Grace
   6   +3 2 5 3 Throatstrike, Bird in the Hand
   7   +4 2 5 4 Spell Resistance, Parry Mastery
   8   +4 3 6 4 Sneak Attack +3d6, Cutting Wit
   9   +5 3 6 5 Impromptu Sneak Attack, Power Throw
  10   +5 3 7 5 Foot lose, Strike of Lightning, Improved Knife Fighting

Weapon and Armor Proficiency: The Arcane Knife is proficient with all rogue and wizard weapons, and gains no new abilities with armor or shields.  But note that most of their mele class skills work only with daggers.

Spellcasting (Su): Each time one new arcane knife levels is gained the character gains new spells as if she had gained a new level in her spellcasting class.  She does not gain any other benefits from advancing in that class and if she has two classes she must pick one of them to advance.

Bardic Knowledge (Ex): Collectors of odd tidbits of lore, the Arcane Knife has heard many tales of might and guile.  They gain the bardic knowledge ability or if they already posses levels in bard they are counted together.

Canny Defense (Ex): The Arcane Knife gains her intelligence modifier as an insight bonus to her armor class while wearing leather armor or less.

Signature Blade (Su): The Arcane Knife has a blade that mystically becomes one with their spirit.  This gives the blade many unusual abilities in addition to any magical powers.  First if it is away from the Arcane Knife for more than 24 hours it will teleport back into his possessions, the exception of this being when the Arcane Knife willingly gives away her blade.  Second if the Knife is ever destroyed it will return to the Arcane Knife after 24 hours, reappearing in her possession.  It takes 24 hours to remove the Signature Blade ability from any blade and another 24 to give it.  During this time the Knife must be with the Arcane Knife always.  This ability only functions with Daggers.

Knife Fighting (Ex): The Arcane Knife has the virtual feat of specialization with all knives and daggers. (+2 to damage)

Sneak Attack (Ex): as rogue.

Handstrike (Ex): With a successful sneak attack the Arcane Knife can forgo +2d6 of damage to deliver a blow to the target’s hands.  For one round per Arcane Knife level the target must make a concentration check to cast a spell with a somatic component (DC = damage inflicted by the strike).

Rapid Throw (Ex): By taking an additional –2 to all attacks that round the Arcane Knife may an additional throw attack at their highest attack bonus.

Perfect Grip (Su): The Arcane Knife’s Signature Blade is considered a natural weapon, making it harder to sunder and impossible to disarm.

Evasion (Ex): As a Rogue.

Acrobatic Grace (Ex): The Arcane Knife gains a +2 competency bonus to reflex saving throws, and balance, Climb, Jump, and tumble skill checks.  By moving at least five feet forward and down or ten feet forward the Arcane Knife adds +2 to hit and damage.

Throatstrike (Ex): As handstrike but it affects verbal components.  If +4d6 is given up then both may be used at once.  If a spell has both somatic and verbal components the dc is damage +5.

Bird in the Hand (Su): The Arcane Knife’s signature blade gains the Returning ability if it did not posses it already.

Spell Resistance (Su): The Arcane Knife gains a spell resistance of 15 plus her wisdom modifier.

Parry Mastery (Ex): While fighting defensively with their Signature Blade the Arcane Knife gains an additional +1 to armor class per Arcane Knife level.  If the Arcane Knife has the Two-Weapon Fighting feat they may chose to not attack with their off hand to gain +2 shield bonus to their armor class.  While armed with a knife or dagger the Arcane Knife gains the virtual feat of arrow deflection.

Cutting Wit (Ex): The Arcane Knife’s intelligence is nearly as threatening as their brawn.  They gain their intelligence bonus as an insight modifier to damage with their Signature Blade.

Impromptu Sneak Attack (Ex): Against any foe who has no reason to suspect she can make them the arcane thief can take an attack to make an opposed dexterity challenge with her target.  If successful she caught them unaware and strikes the foe a lethal blow with their Signature Blade (subject to normal sneak attack requirements) even if their not flat footed.

Power Throw (Ex): The Arcane Knife may sacrifice accuracy for power with her knife throws, losing upto their BAB from their to hit and gaining it to damage with their Signature Blade.

Strike of Lighting (Su): The Arcane Knife moves like lighting gaining a +4 competency bonus to initiate when fighting with their Signature Blade.  In addition once a session they may declare their initiative to be lighting fast, making it one point higher than anyone else in the combat.

Improved Knife Fighting (Ex): The Arcane Knife has the virtual feat of Greater Specialization with all knives and daggers. (an additional +2 to damage)

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