Friday, November 2, 2012

Wandering the Mists

So on 10/29 something strange and wonderful happened.  Well sort of.

I've been mulling over the whole experience to try and organize my thoughts since and it hasn't been easy.

I did dailies...and more dailies...and more...until after 40 or so and 12 hours of play I gave up and went to bed.  I honestly dont have any desire to do any of the dailies more than once.  If that.

gearing up for LFR doesnt took too hard since I saves JP and HP letting me pick up 4 bits of gear on hitting 90.  but figuring out what to get was rough.

While the graphics are nice I dont feel as invested in the story.
Pretty Rain
I think because its a world their trying to make us care about instead of one already tied into our own.  I find myself skipping quest text wish a shrug and "yea yea Sha bad, emperor good, mystic junk, give me my gold."

I'm less enthused with going through it additional times since much of the questing is do the same thing just with a little bit of flavor text difference.  Without any seed quests to find new quest paths and hubs I will probably never find them in time for them to be useful which makes all that effort waisted.  Effort that could of been valuable if you only gave me a few seed quests to pick through.

I finished Jade Forest on a Horde and was very disappointed to see the Alliance movie play.
Then to see all this fluff and annoyance over Cross Realm Zones.  i know it lets them server merge without the gaming press crying out it but it makes many of the players miserable.  Is that such a good trade off?

Ah well there is one thing I'm looking forward to doing.

Oh yea... and if you make it suck Disney I swear I will end your pretty pink castle.