Friday, November 30, 2012

A letter to Greyseer (RP)

The house was a small one.  Nestled in Northshire it was usually far from the fighting, the monk within it old and bent by the weight of his learning - having spent his vigor seeking the tales that rested upon the shelfs around him.  Dusty testimony to the titanic struggles Azeroth had endured.

The dark of the night meant the old man received few visitors but in an eyeblink suddenly she filled the room.  Lithe and strong Alexia always had a hard edge to her but it was somehow emphasized tonight.  "Im here for a letter."  her voice was cool and crisp not needing to turn her head to watch him.  Magic making her blindfolded eyes unneeded.

Lexi leaned against the wall her warglaives crossing her chest as she begin.

"To Tharion,

"Greyseer, we cant always chose the path we take.  Even the mightiest rivers find themselves sent into deserts against their will.  The strongest carry through and bring life though.  Dark times are upon us.

You are still in my past and in my future.  My Mother says so long as I desire you there you will remain.  But she is dead so who knows if her advice is accurate.  I do want you there.

Elune bless you Greyseer.  I wish you only the best.

-Written by the hand of the scribe.

There was a moments pause after she had stoped speaking and the pen scratching.  She says softly "i probably wont see you again.  take cane."  And without time for another word the Demonhunter turned and vanished into the shadows.

The scribe sat sitting there musing for a moment before he heard feather soft "Send that in three days, no more no less, or you will pay."  he glanced around but couldn't see anyone and with a shiver locked his doors tight.

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