Monday, December 10, 2012

Pet Battle-Stones - a how to

With 5.1 a new item was released to upgrade your pets - Battle-Stones.  I havent seen any collected info on how to get them so here you go.

You can get a Battle-stone for 1000 Justice Points in the Towlong Steppes.

First problem I notice though is it doesnt advance a pet to blue.  Blue quality is what really matters at endgame so while this is ok for the casual player it isnt any good for what most pet battle players are working on.

What we need are Flawless stones.

From grey to rare quality in one shot!  Amazing!  But how do we get these wonders?  Ah there is the trick.  As you defeat the trainers advancing you get a bag that had some junk and pet toys in them.  Those bags have a chance to contain this magic stone.  if you havent done the quests yet all is not lost because when you defeated a trainer a daily quest opened up to defeat them again.  Some of those quests still reward the bag - the masters.

Just head to where they are, win a duel, and get the bag with your stone reward chance.  but even better the masters give great exp to help you leveling up other pets.  I defeated Aki the Chosen and with 2 level 25s and a 22 and my 22 went all the way into 24.

But they seem to be scattered all over and not worth doing.  true, to some degree, but with some planning it isn't too bad.  After I list the traniers you can get the bag from Ill give a rundown on a (Semi) efficient path to visiting them.

  Eastern Kingdoms
Grand master Lydia Accoste - in Deadwind Pass - Level 19 Uncommon pets
Grand Master Trixxy - Winterspring - Level 19 Uncommon pets

Grand master Antari - in Shadowmoon Valley - Level 24 Rare pets

Grand Master Payne - In Icecrown - Level 25 Rare pets

Aki the Chosen - in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms - Level 25 Legendary Pets
Grand Master Yon - in Kun-Lai Summit - Level 25 Epic pets
Grand Master Hyuna - in The Jade Forest - Level 25 Epic pets
Grand Master Mo'ruk - in the Krasarang Wilds - Level 25 Epic pets
Grand Master Nishi - in the Valley of the Four Winds - Level 25 Epic pets
Grand Master Shu - in the Dread Wastes - Level 25 Epic pets
Grand Master Zusshi - In Towlong Steppes - Level 25 Epic pets

So starting off in your capital city in Azeroth head to Mt Hyjal, fly to Winterspring and there Trixxy is.  Ether fly back to Hyjal or hearth and go back to the city.  head through the portal in your city to the Blasted Lands (In the Mage Tower or Troll Slums)

Fly Northwest to Deadwind Pass and kill the Huntsman, swear about no mount.  Oh and take out Lydia too.

Go southeast and through the Dark Portal or hearth to your Pandaria city and take the portal to Shattrath.  or you could just use your medallion.  Fly (or take a flight path) into Shadowmoon for Anrari.  By the by his pets are a big step up shifting to blue quality.

From Dal or the starting Northrend cities fly to the argent tournament grounds in Icecrown...or use your tabard/wormhole.  Make Payne feel the pain.  He deserves it.

Now on to Pandaria where we have 7 pet masters to track down.

hearth to the Veil of Eternal Blossoms.  Pick on Aki the Chosen.  She has Legendary pets but they arent 'too' fierce.

Northwest to Kota Peak in Kin-Lai Summit for Yon.  the entry is at 35, 74 on the south side of the mountain.

Then off to Zusshi in Townlong Steppes.

Shu in the Dread Wastes.

Mo'ruk and the new dailies in the Krassarang Wilds.

Nishi and farming in the Valley of the Four Winds.

And finally Hyuna and the mount dailies in the Jade Forest.

Its quite the loop to make especially if you do the other activities mentioned so I dont often do it all.  I do make sure to do the lower level ones first though because they have the same chance to give you a stone with much easier fights.

Oh and each bag has a .4% chance to get you a Porcupette pet.  the odds fo the stones showing up arent known right now but Ive gotten 2 in about 40 bags so Id guess 1-5%.

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  1. I gotta wonder why anyone would bother to buy the green-quality stone! If you're the type of person who would use a stone, you're probably competitive enough that you'd want the full blue upgrade...Why Blizz why????