Saturday, October 27, 2012

A Warcraft Ghost Story

Once a High Elven soldier married a beautiful Human woman and they had a child whom he loved very much.  He built them a quiet home in the Whispering Woods where they could be together. But the soldier came from a Noble and rich family.

His parents and relations disapproved of his wife and threatened to disown him unless he married an Elven Bride. Not wishing to lose his position or inheritance, the Soldier put away his love and left his Wife and their child.

The Soldier's Wife was filled with a terrible, jealous, rage. To revenge herself against her unfaithful husband, she drowned their child in the lake. The soldier was horrified when he heard what she had done, and he returned to capture her.

But his wife, driven insane by rage, jealousy, and guilt, escaped into the wild woods. She roamed through the land, searching the  for her children. But she could not find them. Finally, in agony of body and mind, she drowned herself in the lake too.

But the woman's spirit could not escape to the Sun because of the weight of her terrible crime.  So her spirit still wanders, tortured by guilt and grief searching for her husband and mudered child.

But it is all in vain.  It is said when the Fairie Dragons sing in the darkest of nights the Wailing Woman's cry can be heard forever echoing in the whispering Woods.  Tormented by the loss of her Love and her Child  - forever.

A Mexican Ghost Story modified for WoW

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