Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Tides of War - Spoilers!

Quick Summary: Yes its flawed but worth reading.  That said...

Wait before I say anything only read on if you want to have some of the book spoiled for you.

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So moving right along.

The Apprentice was such a two dimensional character and obviously wore a red shirt.  So I wasn't able to get invested in her at all, in fact I was annoyed she took the screen time Pained could of gotten.

the way the Blue Dragons were written irritated me to no end.  They all just are in mass depression to the point they don't care about anything at all even helping their once aspect?  Preserving their artifact?  That's no.  Its so ham handed a way of writing the flight ENTIRELY out of the story because they would be too powerful.

Garrosh's actions are out of character and they even have Bane thinking about the whole stone talon throwing a general off a cliff thing.  Im with you that hes being manipulated by the "Evil Bad Guy".  Remember they never said we kill Garrosh only we'd defeat him.

Jaina's story irritated me.  Hugely.  She got a boyfriend so he can be the one to save her cause heavens knows a woman in the depths of grief needs a boyfriend to keep her sane.  Or her platonic boy friend.  Though to be honest how many female characters was she friends with that they haven't killed at that point?
The fact shes so powerful and then they strip all that power by shackling her to the Kirin Tor's neutrality .. ugh.  I can only assume she will be faded out like Ty as real men take care of things in Pandaria.

I liked Kalec despite his origin as a special snowflake friend in that awful Manga.  But really if he goes around falling in love and acting that rashly he was a horrid choice for the Aspect.  Also wow he isnt very smart.

The relationship is VERY two dimensional except one thing - they barely hold hands.  Its some kind of weird vibe so I expect fully they will have some kind of wedding cerimony like the one that Knaak forced.

Rhonin was a special snowflake to the very end *sighs*.

The book's pacing left a great deal to be desired lurching in fits and spurts its best moments when it was unchained by quest dialog/comics/other books.  I'm still FURIOUS their going with the alliance side of the Southern Barrens.  Putting those words in Baine's mouth damaged his character for me.

Baine was the big bright spot in the book.  Except for when he turns Fox News about the Southern Barrens he is believable and incredibly empathetic.

One huge letdown is Thrall.  He has more than enough time to go running around the world with his baby cannon but when it comes to his beloved Horde?  Eh who cares.  Thats not Thrall.  He should of been involved but again they had to find a way to write him out of the plot ham fisted as it may be because he could of short circuited this just by spending a few hours in Ogrimar.

That sums it up.  Massive huge nits to pick at, aircraft carrier sized plot holes, and is something positive.


  1. Finally arrived today and put everything aside to read it, just as I did The Shattering.

    The ending just made no sense at all, its a massive build up to turn Jaina pro war, and give her huge amounts of power. A pissed off Jaina is just what the Allaince need as Varian seems to have gone soft.

    But no, instead of being a book building someones character it is their swan song, they are now the leader of a faction that nobody gives a damn about any more. They had their 15 minutes of fame in Wrath and there seems to be very little in the future for them to do.

    Kalec I found most annoying, showing far more interest in Jaina than the iris which supposedly could of destroyed the whole world. And speaking of which, if it was being moved around so fast then it could only be by air which would of made finding it nice and easy. But he seemed to lose interest in it and be more concerned over someone he has just met. At times I got the uneasy impression that he was just using the situation to manufacture a relationship (but then I do have massive trust issues ;))

    I also didn't buy him being the one to stop her destroying Org. Given the state she was in having him get between her and Thrall would of looked like he was taking Thralls side, given the rage and anger she was experiencing at the time she would of turned on him in an instance. Anduin would of been the perfect choice to stop her imo (and been a good introduction for him to meet Thrall as well)

    Speaking of Thrall, take it we are still calling him that despite a chapter in the book where its firmly established he is now called Go'el.

    The book for me was all about Baine though. Though what he said about Camp Taurajo was completely out of character and just seemed to be cut and paste into the story, they whole conversation with Voljin just didn't seem natural

    Garrosh, well I really hope he is making the same mistake his father did and we will soon find the Burning Legion knocking on our doors. Any other reason for what is happening to him just isn't going to cut it. But it is good that his change of behaviour is acknowledged by others in the book. Certainly indicates there is a reason for his behaviour rather than him just being a dick

  2. I just read your post and you twigged onto something that bothering me and I didnt realize-Kaelec as compulsive-obsessive stalker.

    Thats a very disturbing image yet fits the book VERY well. I almost wish they would do that as it would make more SENSE. Maybie show how he as X-aspect of magic manipulated Jaina or something wanting war. It would fit why he didnt care about the iris.