Thursday, August 30, 2012

Demon Hunter RP

A bit of writing to continue my character RP.

The small Ashenveil glade was lit by moonlight.  Deep shadows of the trees hiding all who walked in their cloak of shadow.  A figure moved, the soft clinking of armor giving it away as much as the four yellow burning demon eyes that were its face.  Stepping into the moonlight the dark brown armor did not reveal a race only that this woman dressed in sleek brown armors her kilt lose to allow for free movement.  Reaching up the demonic eyes faded as the magic that made them was silenced with the helms removal.  

Long white hair of a grandmother yet features of a delicate courtesan with ears too long for any human yet too short for a true high elf.  Her eyes were wrapped tight in a black blindfold though little of any import escaped the vision of this Demon Hunter.

Alexia reached behind her and her twin warglaives twirled into her grasp with a perfection born of long  practice.  She held them out now their dull blades drained of demonic energy though still the vital key to this spell.

Harsh demonic words spat from her tongue as the illusion faded that she had placed...well that he has placed at her command.  She could feel it now Arturian stirring in worriment and straining against the bonds that held him to her soul.  She quirked a half smile as she stepped into the revealed cave saying "Worry not Doom Lord.  I have just come to make certain of our prison."  she stepped into the cave and saw it at once as the vision had shown her.  Barren but for her twisted body, dark and alone with no one to fight but the ghosts in her mind.  

She shoot her head and saw with her Demon Hunter vision the chains she had seen enscrolled for that day.  lexi lay down her glaives by them with out ritual saying softly "Until the end."  They bore the fragments of the cursed blade that had entrapped her Mother's at last from the Lich King's curse.  

"You know you could never have to come here, if you but accepted me and used me fully."  The voice whispered into Lexi's mind its touch as intimate as a lover's hands upon her shoulders.  "I would betray the legion for you."  the last whisper making Lexi's mouth twitch into a smile.

"You serve only yourself, and the legion occasionally after that its true."  Her voice echoed into the silent cave as she spoke to the demon within her.  "But you never served me any better and you never will viper."  Using her will to force him back from her into his magical cage adding "I have seen my fate with you..and chose it willingly."  

Turning Lexi headed to the entry of the cave pausing as she reached the entry.  She could feel the deep sadness in her spirit where certainty had been.  Greyseer as she had thought she saw him would not come. As a friend perhaps with gentle words but not as a love.  She wondered briefly if she would understand when the corruption took her or if that's why the vision mislead her.  In her delusion she would paint him more than a friend.

She sighed feeling her heart ache for the passing what she had though would be.  reaching up to touch her blind fold she reflected for a moment that one of the greatest agonies of being a Demon Hunter was you could never let the pain out with just flowed within.  

She spoke the words making the cave and her future vanish into the hillside.  Later there would be sadness. Now was the time for things to happen.  Her trial before the Priestesses of the Moon was soon to begin.  

Lexi knew how it would turn out.  There was only one possible result for a half high elf demon hunter as her...

especially one who had Slain Sentinels and a High Priestess.

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