Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Apsana had a great idea to help encourage people to level up alts in Warcraft.  You added your name to her list and tried to get to 85 before MoP.

Its just something fun to do and I appreciated it.  But of course Im an altaholic so I had to do it my way.

Ding went the Death Knight.  My first gnome above 30ish and Ive come to love the darling.

Ding went my paladin.  Also my only dwarven lass Ive gotten high.  Shes a real spitfire and alot of fun.

And Ding went my 3rd level 85 hunter my adorable cuddly tauren.

The contest has been a huge amount of fun.  Apsana is wonderful for suggesting it.

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