Wednesday, August 22, 2012

MoP, RaF, and Dual Boxing Part 2

I discussed the Recruit A Friend system Activision-Blizzard is going to let us use to power level our monks.  I've had a few questions and made some discoveries working upon it that are worth sharing.

I suggested pairing your main account with the RAF account to get a bunch of level 10 characters quickly.  Now there is a slight problem with that - a lot of us have full server lists.  In fact some of us are close to the 50 mark.  So, hm, what to do.

What an ..odd casting animation

My solution was to have the RAF account recruit its own account making a 3rd one.  This free account grants the RAF account bonus levels and is something i can keep after the 2nd expires.  So my plan is to level at least one pair of characters to 20 on it on the servers/factions I play on.  That way the free account can group with my main account and make raids so I can do things like farm Kara.

So one question I received was what macros to use so here are the main ones.

/target focus;
/cast Arcane Shot;

Thats for a hunter obviously.  It targets my focus, which I set to my lead character.  It then picks up their target with the assist.  Starts the plain ordinary auto attack.  Then casts the special attack.  The reason for the two attacks is if I don't have the energy for the Arcane Shot he wont stand there picking his nose.

You can cut and paste this changing the name to fit new spells.  on my level 10 hunters I usually make a steady shot one too just in case.  You can also add more things to the basic macro to make it one stop shopping

/cast Blood Fury
/use 13
/use 14

That uses the orc racial and the two trinket slots in case your going up high enough to have any.  Now those are important but you need one more macro to make your quality of life worth while - a follow macro.


/target focus

Deceptively simple but vital.  if you go up in water or air with the space bar you break follow.  If you do a melee attack you break follow.  If they get caught you break can be very frustrating.

Now here is where I get into the more serious part of dual boxing.  There is a program called Keyclone.  It is a legal program to run while you are playing wow since it doesnt make any choices for you it just duplicates your keypress to both windows of the game running.  You hit 1 on your main hunter to cast  your arcane shot and your RAF will hit its macro to assist you and attack too.  Its pretty close to plug and play and I suggest testing it out.  Best of all if you pay a few dollars for it you keep your license forever.  Ive moved mine to 5 different computers over the years.  if you need any help with it be sure to let me know.

Next up for vital programs is JAMBA (Jafula's Awesome Multi-Boxer Assistant).  It has a few additions that once set up are really slick.  Like auto following after combat.  instantly taking the highest vendor peice from a quest when its turned in.  Auto sharing quests and auto accepting them.  a warning when follow is broken.

Hopefully this helped cover the basics of what you needed to know and sparked a few ideas for how to have fun while earning a few new levels for your up and coming monk or panda.

Im still not thrilled that they made this available but from a business standpoint it really does make sense.  it brings in a bit of extra cash without entirely unbalancing the game and has more people interested in the Recruit a Friend stuff than were before.

Have fun stormin' the castle!

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  1. So many great tips here, had so much fun exploring what I can and can't do this weekend with dual boxing. Thanks for the introduction :)