Monday, March 5, 2012

Transmog, Northrend Hunter

Ok so the last was a bit too flashy.  Apparently hunters are supposed to blend in better.  Who knew?

You know if someone told Elmer he might of done better..ah well.

So something better able to blend in and a gun thats more tech not mystic.  I think I can do that.  I just need to go back to the era of the Wrath of the Lich King for the base.

So I present, the Northrend Hunter!*

* = Designer not responsible if you try and hide in snow instead of trees.

The Savage Gladiator's Chain set from Dalaran sets the tone with its rich dark greens.  best of all the Armor, Gauntlets, Helm, and Leggings only cost 1998 JP.

 The shoulders are the Mantle of Moss, avalible for gold if your honored with the Earthen Ring, because I like the gold better than the steel look of the original Savage Gladiator's Chain Spaulders (costing 348 jp).  But ether way it isnt a bad look.
The Belt of the Stormforged isnt difficult to get coming from a quest in the Storm Peaks and it really changes the pants making it an almost beltless outfit.

The Boots of the Perilous Seas are avalible from the JP vendor in your capital city for 1650 JP.

The Green Workman's Shirt is available from any tailor who spent some time in Northrend.

The Hide of the Wild is a nice warm color if you are looking for a cloak but you need to find a LW from the old days as the pattern is no longer available in game.  A good alternative is the green Naxx cloak Cloak of Averted Crisis/Cloak of Armed Strife with your best bet being killing Maexxea since she drops them both.

But what sort of bang-bang might a hunter use with this?
Top left is the trusty Fel Iron Musket.  Made by Engineers you can snag one off the Ah when their leveling their skill up or have one made pretty cheap.
Top right is the Irontree Gun a random lvl 84 world drop BoE best found on the AH or in Uldum as the Pearl-Handled Long Gun from a quest.
The bottom is my favorite but also the hardest to get, Mimiron's Repeater a zone drop in Ulduar.

This set shares the awesome factor of the previous oneas far as women are concerned - no mystery patches of flesh!  Now I call this a hunter outfit but it can be used for a Shaman very easily with the greens and browns representing one who was strong with the Earth.

Happy Mogging!


  1. Crag Wildfoot thanks you for the fashion advice, and is going to have a chat with Mimiron about a certain repeater he may have.

    Question though: if I hide my helm, is there a hooded green/black cloak/robe that I could use, or a helm/cloak combo, to look more like the original Warcraft dwarf hunter?

  2. No cloaks seamlessly meld with hoods. The hood for the Dwarven Hunter is in fact leather in Vanilla WoW as is the mantle/chain tunic for the outfit.

    Im pretty disappointed in the WoW headgear. Most fo them cant even use your hair.