Friday, March 9, 2012

And now for something completely different ...

A fully motorized Pandaren in every garage.

Ive been doing my usual routine of chatting with people and a growing suspicion hit me today.  People are actually reading what I'm writing! 

I'm more used to thinking of this as an info dump for my random thoughts on questing..oh and pvp..and raids..and well whatever shinny thing I latch onto that a few friends read.  It gives me a way to look things up and help them out too while practicing my writing.

This left me thinking so its time for a bit of ..

I mentioned that I actually had an audience to my Mother and she commented it wasn't her - she's been too busy playing the Auction House and trying out the lower level dungeons for the first time.  It makes the effort a bit more serious to my mind to have strangers wandering by looking at my 'stuff'. 
March 2-8 Visitors

I want to make something useful and cool.  But how to do that?  I can try to do a post Monday night to make Black Tuesday a little less boring if your stuck waiting for server up but I'd like to do more.

I was working at Polygamerous doing a morning news feed of cool geek/nerd news that had happened that day.  Everything from naturally glowing lakes to game releases made it in.  I really enjoyed doing that, so I think Ill give that a whirl. 

I will have to set a few rules.  I was spending 2-3 hours a day on the Polygamerous feed finding the really cool tidbits from massive media sources as well as diving into Sony, Nintendo, etc's web sites.  That's just a bit much to be doing without actual scratch coming in. 

I'll still answer any questions I get via twitter or email, do Transmog outfits, and other cool things but the feel may kind of change during this experiment.  Let me know what you think!  I love feedback even if it isn't positive.  Well ok I don't LOVE negative feedback but I always learn something from it.

I don't know how unique I'll end up being but heck it will be fun right?
Besides sometimes being functional is simply better.

To my readers - thank you for visiting.  I hope I can make your Warcraft experience more interesting and in general make your day a better one by dropping by my little eddy in the river of internet info.

Remember to have fun!

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