Friday, March 9, 2012

Tips& Tricks - Tol Barad Gold

Nearly everyone has given Tol Barad a try but for those that haven't here is a quick rundown.

The first part of the zone doesnt require any PvP and is made up of several dailies.  Its a smallish zone with no flying.  Doable in new level 85 gear and incredibly easy with the gear inflation we have now.

Portals to the zone are right next to the major portal hub in Stormwind and Ogrimar making it easy to pop in and out of.  In fact if you buy the tabard you can use it as a second Hearthstone going to Tol Barad and then zoning through the portal to your capital city.

Its through that zone you reach the second zone.  Its locked off during PvP matches but you can wander in regardless of who is in charge to look around between matches. 

In this zone you have 3 sets of daily quests that rotate every time your server faction wins a Tol Barad match and 3 that are normal dailies.  You only can get the quests if you win but you can sneak in and do a few when the enemy has the zone and then turn them in at your base camp in the first zone.

You don't need to PvP for these quests (unless on a PvP server of course).

In fact there is just one quest that requires PvP, the one to control the zone.  Its an...interesting match.  Do a little research and give it a try.  Its something that could of been great with more playtesting and love from Blizzard that it sadly never got.

With the exception of one Firelands daily you make more gold in Tol Barad by a 2.3 gold or so.  Also the tokens you gain from the Tol Barad quests buy you a more valuable vendor item in the Arcanums.

At 40 Tol Barad Commendations for 37.5 Gold that's almost 1 gold per token.  So if raw gold is what your after this is the place to be.  Additionally the blues can be sharded if needed so you can get a steady supply of blues without needing to rely on random luck.

Now there is a sellback cooldown on the items so you don't make a mistake so you need to wait 2 hours to vendor them.  Its also real in game time so buying them then logging out doesn't work.  But good things come to those who wait.

So now you can earn some more coin while doing some easy quests killing foxes.  Someday perhaps you can find the Kit.

 Point One percent drop rate...Seriously?  Someday a baseball bat and me need to have a long discussion with whoever came up with those odds about how its not a nice thing to do like what Im gonna do to them.  :3

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  1. Thanks for a great idea. I have way too many extra Tol Barad commendations after buying everything I want from there. I tried this and it works great! No more worthless commendations, they now have almost 1 for 1 value!