Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Then and Now

Over at Manalicious Vidyala has an interesting idea, to compare old screen shots with new.  So I figured Id do it with my first little WoW girl.  Well sort of the first.

Liri now 2012:
I actually rolled Liri as a druid first then read how druid fighting sucked, tanking sucked, and healing was meh only good in raids in combination with other healers.  But priests were amazing so she rerolled at the tender level of 8.

I barely run Adons now when I'm raiding any more you can see healbot all dark cause its not in use by my bar and that is my only really visible one any more.  But back in the 2007...

Liri Karazhan 2008:
Not widescreen like I have now.  One fo those rare times when I was delighted to just do damage and not have to heal though I had to bring Liri any way (At this point I had a warrior and Shaman alt Alli side).  I used blizzards raid frames with healbot because I couldnt get healbot to reliably show debuffs but otherwise its still my go to got a healing addon.  Omen because as a Shadow Priest I had a habbit of dying alot.  Totally custom bars and the like just cause I could.  Now I ask myself if I need to do somethign instead of if I can.  But Im a healer so..

Liri and Union of Power vs Doomwalke 2008r:
Respecced into a healer and wow its cluttered and clunky.  I have a DPS meter showing cause I apparently needed to know that when healing.  You might notice three Prayer of mending buttons in my action bar.  All of them activated my on click trinkets.  But they also tossed it at my focus, and then one for each tank.  I wasnt comfortable putting all my healing spells into the Healbot addon - I still preferred to target my party through the f1-f5 keys.

I just noticed all the little addon buttons orbiting my mimimap.  Id run way too many addons most of the time without realizing it.

I was trying to be a good player and do my best to learn to be a great raider.  But I could of done better in the 'if I knew now what I knew then' kind of thing.

I'll have to look at my Huntress next.  She was my Second character, so now my first surviving, and I have lots of screen shots of her that have survived to now.  Thanks Vidyala.

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