Monday, February 27, 2012

85 Fin

A week ago I set myself a goal of 80-85 on my warlock (the last I had to level) so..

Well its been a long hard trip but I finally leveled all classes to 85.  Some I liked more than others, some I didn't get to spend as much time on as I wish I could.  But their all worthy classes and all have their own completely unique feel to their play.

So I thought, just for fun, I'd introduce you to them.  (music)

Death Knight - Orc Unholy Sorcerer (Unholy-Blood)
The orc shamaness Stormaxe was always facinated by the darker magics.  When Gul'dan took over the Orcs and formed the Horde she enthusiastically joined with him.  Serving the first Horde well she slaughtered and tortured till finally she was caught by an ambush and killed by the Alliance in Alterac Pass.  Her soul hid in a relic till an orc picked it up possessing her and granting Stormaxe another chance at life.

Druid - Tauren Wild Druid (Balance-Resto)
Kit was gifted with understanding the songs of the earth from an early age.  When the lightning threatened to light the plains afire and consume her tribe she offed herself to the storm and consumed by its lightning and returned she knew Nautre's cold fury as well as the Earthmother's love.

Hunter - Tauren Hunteress (Beastmistress-Markswoman)
Nightwill was born into the Priderunners who ran quick messages and guarded travelers before the taming of the Kodo.  After a vision she hunted down her soul companion Foehammer and defeating him in unarmed battle.  Becoming a huntress just before the arrival of the Horde she joined in with them and fought along side though she disliked the concept of a chief of chiefs.  refusing to swear to Cairne she swore to Thrall instead and joined the Frostwolf fighting for him and the Horde till her soul was weary.

Mage - Human Mage-Priest (Fire-Arc)
Joia was always the quietest of the four siblings.  Mature beyond her years the halfelf looked at the world as if she has seen hundreds of summer rarely showing the little girl hid deep inside the seriousness. When an orc killed their brothers and tried to take her sister her faith was strong enough to demand the Light consume him.  Flitting from Priest to paladin training she finally found peace in the training blending faith and magic of her Mother's home in Silvermoon.

Paladin - Tauren Sunwalker (Ret-Holy)
A Grimtotem Breaker Ris was content to fight any who crossed her tribe including other Tauren - to prove the Grimtotem superiority and 'train' them.  Until she met a Sunwalker who fought her to a standstill.  Ris demanded to learn from the Sunwalker intending to steal their secrets for the Grimtotem.  But their ways worked on her as water on the rock and when the Grimtotem attacked Thunder Bluff her heart broke and from the jagged peices she forged her own destiny.

Priest - Night Elf Eclipse  (Holy-Shad)
Liri was the middle sister of three and served as the bridge between her impulsive younger sister and more calculating older one.  Calling reverently upon Elune's grace she sought to sacrifice her own desires for the needs of the moment.  yet there was much she couldnt do and in Northrend she embraced Elune's dark side and unleashed her long suppressed rage.

Rogue - Orc Assassin (Comb)
Kitmalla barely remembers the camp where her family was kept prisoner.  She was taken and given to a noble to be a companion and servant for his daughter.  Soon no longer cute but too large and threatening the orc girl was traded to slavers to cover the Noble's debts.  rescued by a caravan lead by a human and including various races who were outcasts in need of a home.  When they were killed she joined the Shattered hand forming a fanatical devotion to Thrall and her Chieftian Kormok.

Shaman - Draeni Dream Walker (Resto-Enh)
She took the name Hope after Nobundo opened her vision to the Elements and tried to fulful the things she saw.  She would bring light to the darkness, sooth pain, and crush the forces that tried to rend the world asunder.

Warlock - Worgen Demonologist
A noble daughter of Alterac she watched as Lordaeron slaughtered her kingdom and family.  Managing to hide from the Paladin lead forces she also hid a renegade Kirin Tor learning his dark magics.  Kidnapping an orc Warlock she broke him to learn his secrets as well only fleeing when the scourge forced her to.  She hid in Southshore till the scourge came again and fleeing with the others she decided to drink the worgen blood and finally stand up and fight.

Warrior - Demon hunter (Fury-Prot)
The daughter of an elf and human she was expected to marry both for culture and because her parents feared her getting hurt. Fearless sin play Alexia was a tomboy who dreamed of fighting dragons.  When an orc killed her brothers and turned her hair white her sister saved her while Alexia cowered and she swore to never be that helpless again.  She served in the Alliance military from Sillithas to Borean Tundra but became lost in her anger and hate.  The Demon Hunters offered her a way out and she took it joining their ranks.

There are a few others but those are my 'main' ten.  I'm not sure what the future holds.  RP is pretty much at a standstill, so is Raiding, and the guilds I'm in don't seem to need me much...or are low pop so I might as well be alone most of the time.  Im trying to join a enw raiding guild with high hopes.  They have a 25 man team so lots of room and I so miss Korzak.  Before he tried to be nice he was the most fantastic raid leader I ever had.

Take care everyone.

May all your wow dreams come true.

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