Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Gaming Distractions

Everyone had different things they like to do in addition to their main task at hand.  Smoking, eating, watching TV, music, talking on the phone...the list goes on and on. So take a moment and reflect on what you do while playing Warcraft.  Leave a comment if you like.

Here are a few of mine....

Netflix - Their play on demand service lets me watch all kinds of nature and history shows and old movies I know well enough o not need every bit of my visual attention.  While WoW hardly needs me to listen to it anymore.  So this also Qualifies as TV I guess because they have older shows from when I thought TV was still good (Pre reality TV).

Youtube, etc, machinima/music - I love 'finding' wow machinima and watching it.

Radio - Iheartradio has great musical chopps.  But the best is they have a 24/7 comedy radio station.  Awesome to listen to while running 5 mans and the like.  I can lump Podcasts into this too and they have the advantage of having a pause button.

Other Games - Slower paced games are fantastic to use when things are slow.  I cant do them while actually running 5 mans post Lich King but while traveling and the like it means you dont have any time when your staring at your traveling wow player thinking 'Damn I'm bored.  Civ games are popular with me for that as well as doing some Dungeon Defenders.  DD has a special edge too int hat you only need to play off and on in later levels making it easy to do a quest then hop into it for a few minutes and back to questing.

So, what do you do?


  1. For the most part I don't do much of anything else while playing WoW. I do play solitaire or free cell while flying. And catch up on my magazine reading while fishing :)

  2. I tab out and blog about things going on or that I think of. During long flight paths I pick up around the house. So FPs can take up to 10 minutes. Just enough time to run the vacuum or do a load of dishes.
    I like to refer to them as "Domestic Quests" I get a miniature Hershey bar as a quest reward upon completion. :)