Thursday, February 16, 2012

Six steps

They have a theory that everyone in the world is six steps removed from each other.  That were so interconnected that we're only six steps removed.  Its a really cool theory.

Something only randomly linked to that is something wandering around the blogosphere where you take your 6th screen shot and post it and ask 6 others to do so.  Well I dont know I know 6 other bloggers who havent already do it so Ill just do my own little thing :)

In my many reinstals and hard drive crashes Ive tried to save all the screen shots I can.  They remind me of good and bad times and many crazy things.  So here is one from my current folder, my old folder, and my character folder.

Gearing up my rogue I got one of the most hideous helms Ive ever gotten.  I mean it ACTUALLY beats the Northrend Bondage helm and one from the Warlord pvp set its just ... shudders.  Strangely enough no one had uploaded this monstrosity to wowhead so I was taking shots to warn others.

My old folder is large enough now opening it takes a bit.  I cant imagine why.
Leveling my new Dranei huntress I was doing the Storm Peak quest chain with Thorim.  At this point in the quest you subdue his mount and then he hops onto her.  In theory.  But he bugged so she was moving away from him and he was trapped in a state of constant falling.  I about laughed myself silly as he kept jumping up and down on her back flapping his arms like he was trying to take off.  They flew away like that too!

A saved picture from my Worgen Priestess.  I got a group to start knocking out lower level instances.  Both to gear up lower level toons and to knock out the Achievements.  The 5th person bugged out on us not wanting to stay for a screen shot but that was ok.  Crashbang, Obraxis, Stania, were all good friends.  I'm still sad the heroes of Lordaeron fell apart like it did.

Well that was kinda a bummer so Im gonna grab the 6th one from my Oddities and Cool Things folder.
Back when I still heavily modified my bars (as you can tell) in the early Wrath days.  I logged into Stormwind and found it gone.  I took a screen shot before trying to look around.  It caused all kinds of weird tearing and disruption of the graphics but hey my UI worked fine!  I could even move!  When i stoped the camera and movign the graphics settled down to..nothing.  Well not entirely nothing I got to see weapon enchants cause that makes some fasion I imagine :P

Bet a cat got into the machine.

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