Friday, February 17, 2012

The forgotten armor - Druid (Aspirants of Icecrown)

Northrend had a couple of very nice druid sets.  So here is Malfurion's Conquest!

Sold by Aspirant Forudir at the Argent Tournament grounds originally its also found on Rafael Langrom in Dalaran.  At 2729 JP for the 5 peices (2138 if you skip the helm) its quite reasonably priced.  In fact druids get a better deal since robes hide the legings you can ignore them too making it a mere 1547 JP.

For the shoes I have the Sandals of the Insurgent the bit of red showing not quite going but its really hard to fins sandals that are actually sandals in Warcraft.  Really most footwear at least goes decently with the outfit.

For the waist we have the Wrathful Gladiator's Belt for just 945 honor points.

The Rich Purple Shirt is a nice addition for modesty.

Not a bad outfit especially in the not too huge shoulders.  But now that weve seen the blue
we need to see the red side!  Runetotem's Conquest!

Sold by Aspirant Naradiel in Icecrown and Rafael Longrom in Dalaran the dark helm and sparklies are certainly is striking looking.  Like with the Ali set you can skip the pants and thanks to being a Tauren or Troll you can even skip transmogging the shoes.

I couldnt find a belt that fit the color of the gems quite right and fit my requirements of being in Northrend and reasonably easy to aquire but the Vengeful Noose does a decent job.

Just take a look at the darkness within.
Would you argue with that?

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  1. Without the helm, that set is actually really elegant.