Thursday, February 16, 2012

The forgotten armor - Death Knight (Aspirants of Icecrown)

I was wandering around Orgrimmar pondering a transmog for the Death Knight and I noticed something interested about the transmogs.  I went to Stormwind and observed for a bit and took a casual poll of a few friends and it seemed to conform my observations.  Virtually no one was wearing the Northrend gear.

Not really surprising I mean we were stuck wearing it for what felt like forever and it didnt have the best visual aesthetic most of the time.  Bit there are some easy to pick up sets that have a very cool and unique feel to them.  So I figured Id touch on each of the classes they sell for.  Factions too since the looks were another example of a bit of faction specific artwork.

Starting at the top we have the Horde Death Knight - Koltira's Conquest!

Sold by Aspirant Naradiel at the Argent Tournament grounds originally its also found on Horace Hunderland a <Plate Armor Merchant> in Dalaran.  At 2729 JP for the 5 peices (2138 if you skip the helm) its quite reasonably priced.

The belt is a Belt of the Titans crafted by your local friendly blacksmith.

So whats the Blue Team look like?  Thassarian's Conquest!

Aspirant Forudir sells the alliance version of the armor in the Argent Tournament grounds or Dubin Clay and Horace Hunderland in Dalaran with the same prices as Koltira's above.

For the boots Greaves of the Grand Paladin from Eadric in the ToC 5 man.

The belt is Magroth's Meditative Cincture sold in Dalaran for 478 JP from Griselda Hunderland, one of the plate armor merchants.

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