Thursday, December 15, 2011

Winter Veil Tricks

Here is an old trick you might not think of with Winter Veil.  Hardly overpowered but amusing.

Under the tree by Greatfather winter you will find presents for you to open.

The trick is to NOT open them.  Then you can bank them and use whats within later in the year.  But how do you know if you want to wait?  Well, if you aren't going to use wowhead to look them all up you just have to open it without looting.

To refresh the memory you open your game menu with the escape key, hit interface, and on the 'Controls!' panel at the bottom is the Auto Loot option.  The 'Loot Key' (Shift by default) when this is turned on can be held down to open the loot window without actually looting the items within.

Now you can pick and choose whats within too take or save.  The timers wont start on the item within until you do.

Now on to the quest "You're a Mean One..." and the Grinch fight.  He is a boss level mob, meaning level 88 effectively.  However he doesn't seem to hit all that hard.  He occasionally jumps around and stomps on people and will freeze you in place but...meh.  not that challenging.  The kills are like problem in Tol Borad, shared with everyone who hits him, and Metzen the reindeer stands around for a bit after.  If you missed a kill just talk to the reindeer, get the quest update for killing the grinch from him, and then loot your bag.

All in all not too difficult to do at all.

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