Thursday, December 15, 2011

Gearing and leveling in 4.3

So I thought Id work up my level 80 rogue into a level 85 rogue, get her geared up and maybe do some raiding.  It took 5 days to move from 80 to 85 moving at a casual pace.

80-82 in Mt Hyjal, far enough to unlock the Shrine of Malorn and thus the Firelands dailies if I feel like doing them.  Also doing 4 Dungeon PuG runs.
82-83 in Deepholm getting my Therezane rep up.  Mixed in some PvP battlegrounds as well as the 4 Dungeon runs.
83-84 in Uldum doing the Tol'vir quests.  Really great story.  Stop when it forces you to go back to Harrison Jones.  4 Dungeon runs, and some random pvp battlegrounds.
84-85 in twilight Highlands.  Well sort of.  50 quests in I hit 85 with my 4 dungeon runs.

Steadfast - a great guild
After hitting 85 I went to the AH and got three of the item level 377 PvP gear.  Saved up honor got me two item level 390 gear and Justice points one item level 378.  I had a huge windfall in that a Guildie in Steadfast equipped me with two 365 daggers.

I set out to do Heroic Cata dungeons and move into the new End Time and gear up.  So 24 hours of played time later here is what I ended up at: Item Level 373.  That's enough to do the Looking For Raid tool or any other task.  I have only 3 PvP gear - 2 if I could find reasonably priced boots or some would just drop.

Really gearing up has never been easier...unless you count the end of the Wrath expansion. With what Blizzard has said about wanting to speed up gearing up at the end of an expansion I'm not entirely sure how I feel about it.  That the people just coming in or dusting off old alts can catch up in a day to someone who's worked at it since the start just doesn't sit well with me.  There should be a better way.

 Of course I'm sure Blizzard already knows that and is trying to devise a way to do just that.

Oh and Rogues are powerful engines of death now.  I was more surprised when I couldn't solo something than that I could.

Sneaking through a room nicking their stuff and then killing their boss to vanish in a puff of smoke is very anime..and very fun.

I wish I got more out of playing like a rogue in groups though instead of losing out on damage.  Im much better off acting like a WIL (Warrior in leather).

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