Tuesday, October 18, 2011

This is Hallow's Eve, Hail to the Pumpkin King!

This is Halloween everybody make a scene
Trick or treat till the neighbors gonna die of fright
It's our town, everybody scream
In this town of Halloween

( Full song here.)

So its that time of the year in Azeroth when All Hallows Eve is upon us Warcraft Style.

So what special toys can we pick up this holiday?  Over on Wowhead (Here) they have a full guide but Ill lay out some of the basics.

Well if your level 84-85 each day you can run the instance and kill the Headless Horseman to get a loot filled pumpkin.  this has a chance to hold a temporary mount, agility sword, plate helm, pet, permanent mount, and a vanity cloth helm.

Every time you kill him you also get a ring.  DPS Strength, DPS Agility, DPS Int, and a 'healer' spirit ring.  All Item level 365.  Now the ring you can get a chance for every run so make sure to pick up the one for your class/spec.  

The big change I noticed is that masks are no longer helm items.  Using the Transmog programming you just apply them to your face over your helm making the Holiday much more fun. 

 There are 22 Achievements for the holiday the most brutal of them was A Mask for All Occasions.  This was the first achievement to be pulled from its holiday Meta achievement because relying on random luck means its virtually impossible even if you trick or treated every chance you had.  Now you can purchase the masks with the candy and it looks to be much easier.  Also purchasable with those currencies are the candies you can use to help and some nifty new pets.

But I love leveling here and this holiday is a great boon to that.  in addition to the candies I mentioned adding to your combat skills you have trick or treating - heading to every friendly and neutral inn.  This gives a huge amount of exp.  It scales with your level so your characters will have roughly the same benefit to visiting them pumpkins. 

At 84 I recieved 28979 Exp and 5 treats, it takes 450 to get all the pets, all for just clicking on a pumpkin.

The best way I've found to complete them all is to rely on Wowhead's community.  Search the name of the achievement your working on like 'Tricks and Treats of Azeroth' or 'Tricks and Treats of Eastern Kingdoms'.  Make sure to select the one fro your faction.  It can get REALLY exciting if you forget what side your on as I occasionally do.  Then look in the comments and you will find someone's list of efficient pumpkin order.  For example here.  

So, what about that Headless Horseman fight?  Should you worry before trying it?  Short answer, no.

You start out by a flaming pumpkin.  click on it and he will emerge, fly a lap and attack.
His attacks are weak..really weak.  I healed the fight as an 84 resto druid and I never dipped past 60% mana and that was when he did his 'high damage' move.

He will toss his head away three times, each time you have to chase it down and damage it to send it back to him.
The head ducks and weaves a little but really it has little health and almost no defenses.  Smack it and go back to the boss.

He will occasionally set someone on fire, this used to be a lethal attack at 70 but now it just shaves off about 20% health at worst.

Towards the end he will call up his minions.  ignore them and DPS the boss.  Their wusses my 84 was fighting them in melee as resto and not being more than scratched.  They die when the boss dies.  It really kind of sad to me how easy he is anymore.

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