Thursday, October 13, 2011

Speed Leveling 2

I have some additional thoughts and some clarifications so lets revisit that topic a bit.

3 Additional)  But I wont have the flightpath for the zone?!
This is true.  They don't want you facing a zone when its 'too hard' or 'challenging' so even though you can get the quests you aren't automatically given the flightpath to the area.  You have to weigh the time it will take to walk/ride/fly there then against the gain in better exp.  This really is important at lower levels more than after 20+ since your mount makes moving quite easy.

If spending a few minutes traveling Azeroth is too much work for a big jump in exp/treasure then just be lazy and wait for them to hand you the keys to the door.

7) Use the Wow-Pro leveling guide.  
With a little arrow (thanks to Tom Tom) showing you where to go and notes telling you what to do this FREE fan mod helps you bounce from quest to quest like a pro.Its found here.  Just right click the bar and select the zone you want to adventure in.

8) Be in a guild.
It gives you bonus exp in leveling and at level 8 a 15 minute Hearth Stone - not to be underestimated.  If your not the social type you can still join one and just turn off guild chat.  Go and do your own thing the guild will get exp out fo you and you get exp out of them.

That said thees nothing better than finding a group of like minded people to chat with as you play.  The guildfilnder tool is there in game if you type /gf and will show you the guild adverts.

9) Heirlooms vs Good Gear
Iv'e mentioned this before - Heirloom items aren't always the best gear.  You have to think about the speed yuo kill things vs that + exp you get.  If you hit much weaker with the heirlooms use the normal gear.  

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